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05 November 2017

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SAC Garcha Awarded The Glover Trophy 2017

This Year RAFFCA Pilot and previous Junior Rank Pilot Scholarship winner SAC Aaron Garcha was awarded the Glover Trophy by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

SAC Garcha recently attended the prestigious Trophies and Awards Banquette at Guildhall London amongst around 650 aviators, their family and friends where he received his award from The Master, Captain C. J. Spurrier and representative of Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Marshal, Sir S. Atha.

The past 4 years has seen the Glover trophy awarded to a member of the Royal Air Force and this year SAC Garcha can proudly maintain that run, also making SAC Garcha the first Junior Rank to receive such award.

Aaron Garcha Glover Trophy

The Glover Trophy

Senior Aircraftman Aaron A Garcha

Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Aaron Garcha was awarded a 2016 RAF Charitable Trust Junior Ranks Pilot Scholarship and was the first 2016 scholar to go solo after 10 hours of training. Leaving his young family at home and flying to and from his overseas base at RAF Akrotiri to train at RAF Brize Norton Flying Club, he was a model student and absolute credit to his rank and trade. Documenting his training through a variety of social media outlets and self-produced videos, he has proven to be an inspiration to other junior ranks and was a key part of the RAF Senior Leadership Team supporting engagement at RIAT 2016.

Recognising his effort and flying training standard, SAC Garcha was awarded a further top up grant from the RAF Charitable Trust and he achieved his Pilot Licence in minimum hours and club record timescales. He continues to mentor and guide other junior ranks to pursue flight training, and played a key part in the 2017 scheme application process and media coverage. With the additional aviation skills, confidence and development he has gained from the scheme, he has now successfully passed selection for Direct Entry Sergeant as an RAF Air Traffic Control Officer.

Throughout his flying training, SAC Garcha has demonstrated exceptional levels of commitment and pre-flight study, enabling him to make noticeably quick progress through air exercises. Always receptive to feedback and training debriefs, he reads widely around the lessons and has been able to demonstrate well above average situational awareness and airmanship in the air.

Most impressive though has been his drive to encourage and mentor other junior ranks to pursue their flying dreams. Applications rates for scholarships where he has visited are among the highest of all Stations, and he has personally invested significant time in guiding others through the application and training process. For the 2017 scholars he has, on his own initiative, also now produced a collection of video diaries showing the journey through to first solo. These are now being used across RAF, BFBS and MOD social media to develop air mindedness and development amongst the junior ranks cadre.

For his exceptionally hard work, professionalism and commitment on his scholarship course at RAF Brize Norton and helping to develop aviation skills and ambition among his peers, SAC Garcha is awarded the Glover Trophy.

The Glover Trophy is awarded to the most meritorious student pilot graduating from a college or school of civil or military aviation.
Air Pilots

The Glover Trophy is awarded to the most meritorious student pilot graduating from a college or school of civil or military aviation. Particular consideration is given to the candidate’s progress during the course, including qualities of character, leadership, involvement in sport, recreation and voluntary service, in addition to flying and academic achievement.


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