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RAF Honington Flying Club

RAF Honington Flying Club

About us

The RAF Honington Flying Club is a relatively small club but is looking to expand and to increase both training and overall activity. Club aircraft operate out of HAS 10 on the north-east quadrant of the airfield.

RAF Honington Flying Club members and some of the aircraft flown by them in earnest conversation at RAF Lakenheath

"Photo courtesy of 48 FW/PA"

Contact Details:

OIC: Sqn Ldr Jerry Neild RAFR
Email: LKH-RAFCC@mod.uk
Mil Tel: 92052261945

CFI: Mr Phil O’Donoghue

Club Flight Safety Officer: Vacant - Awaiting Appointment

Secretary: Vacant – Awaiting Appointment

Treasurer: Flt Lt Tony Francis
Email: HON-DCBRNWG26SQNOCBFlt@mod.uk
Mil Tel: 959916959

RAFFCA Rep: Mrs Ruth Neild
Mob: 07901518332

Airfield Manager: Mr Mick Liston
HON-SptWg FDS Stn Ops (Liston, Mick Mr) (HON-SptWgFDSStnOps@mod.uk)
Mil Tel: 959917118

Training Available

  • PPL/Refresher
  • IMC (IR(R))

Aircraft & Prices

PA28-140 £110/hr as at 1 Apr 2014

Available Fuel

For Club Members - AVGAS 100LL

Club Facilities

Club Room with integral Tea Bar. Training Room. For Club members

Aircraft Joining Instructions

RAF Honington lies just to the East of the Lakenheath MATZ. No 611 VGS and Club aircraft conduct circuits to the South of the airfield. Club aircraft will be in the circuit at 1000’ AAL and VGS and micro-light circuits will be conducted at 800’ AAL. The airfield may also be used for other purposes and visitors must call ahead to check that the runway is available.

Recommend visitors work with Lakenheath RAPCON (128.9MHz) until 3nm from the airfield. Honington Traffic (when the ATZ is not active and position calls are to be made) and Honington Radio (when the ATZ is active) is on 122.1 MHz – caution this is a common frequency, identify ‘Honington’ as location/agency called.


Watch out for heavy aircraft on approach for Runway 29 at RAF Mildenhall; they can be in the descent, close to the circuit line.

The No 611 VGS control caravan is parked on the Runway 26 OPR even when Runway 08 is in use.

RAFFCA Reciprocity

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