AOC 1 Group


Air Officer Commanding

No 1 Group

Air Vice-Marshal

Gerry Mayhew CBE MA RAF

AOC's Intent

The People of Number 1 Group continually deliver anexemplary performance on operations at home and around the globe, continuing inthe spirit of our forefathers and adding to our proud heritage. Their mettleand skill continues to be tested in the cauldron of diverse and demandingoperations, and they have the skills and the will to rise to the challenge andovercome all obstacles and adversaries. Their courage, motivation, agility andresilience ensure that we will maintain our combat advantage.

Our Mission:

To understand, control, and exploit thebattle-space in order to deliver battle-winning Combat Air Power.

Our Vision:

A highly motivated, value-based, appropriatelytrained and empowered team that is well-led and cared for at all levels andwhich displays agility, decisiveness and warrior spirit in delivering peerlesscombat Air Power wherever and whenever it is required.

Our Values:

The men and women of Number 1 Group embody thefinest qualities and traditions of the Royal Air Force. In addition to beingtechnically and professionally competent, strong leaders and communicators,highly motivated, decisive, agile, adaptable, and resilient they abide by thefollowing values:


Our Strategy:

We will continue to meet our immediate commitments,which include: current overseas operations, home based Quick Readiness AlertAircraft and the continued air defence of the Falkland Islands. In addition, wewill continue to sustain and develop our capability to meet any emergingthreats to the UK or UK interests around the globe. Over the next few years wewill introduce new capabilities in the shape of the Typhoon and the new JointCombat Aircraft (JCA). These new capabilities will transform the way that theRAF delivers Air Power and we will maximise the huge advances that thesecapabilities will bring.

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