Space Ops Room

Who is based here

Who is based here

The station is commanded by a wing commander and is organised into two Squadrons: Operations and Support.

Operations Squadron

Operations Squadron is responsible for the Missile Warning, Space Surveillance and Satellite Warning Missions, and supports the US in developing their embryonic Ballistic Missile Defense System. Operations Squadron is also concerned with the training of personnel for the operational missions.

Support Squadron

Support Squadron provides station services, personnel management, catering, medical and dental services, corporate communications, education and accounts and budgets. It is also concerned with the evaluation of personnel for the space operations missions, physical training, maintenance and operation of communication information systems, and site.


The civilian contractor Serco maintains the radar and other operational equipment, runs the Motor Pool and the Supply section as well as providing the catering services through a sub-contractor, Aramark. Serco were formerly called the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). However, when the company changed hands, the UK element arranged a management buy-out from its American parent and is now a very successful British company. The radar equipment here is American in design and manufacturer and was originally installed by Raytheon under contract to the United States Government.

T G Power

The Powerhouse was originally operated and maintained by the Department of the Environment’s, Property Services Agency. When the agency was privatised in 1993, Mowlem Facilities Management, latterly Aqumen Services ran the operation until a contract was awarded to T.G. Power Limited who assumed responsibility for the Power Station site on 1st April 1999.

The Public Finance Initiative contract with T G Power Ltd included upgrading the Power Station with the provision of a natural gas supply to the Site and the replacement of four of the existing diesel generating sets with 7 natural gas fuelled sets to optimise fuel cost savings. The remaining four diesel sets are retained as standby units, which give the Power Station a dual fuel operating capability. Four Dual Fuel Hot Water Boilers were also installed to ensure the site’s heating requirements were met.

The continuous operation of the Power Station dictates that it is manned 24 hours a day throughout the year. There are 4 shift teams each comprising of a Shift Charge Engineer/Shift Supervisor a Deputy and an Engine Driver.

Modis International

Modis® International, the United Kingdom-based information technology (IT) services business unit of MPS Group, Inc. has been selected by the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence to provide Site Co-ordinating and Installation Design Authority (SCIDA) Services for Ministry of Defence Airfields and Airsites.

Modis International provides consultants to deliver infrastructure configuration management across 128 sites in the UK and Europe including RAF Fylingdales. The potential five-year contract will involve the assessment and recording of any and all changes to the infrastructure of any site, such as security, future sustainability and technical conformance with respect to defence communications and electrical standards and concentrating on flight safety performance issues. The project will be implemented by a team of approximately 37 highly skilled individuals in positions ranging from draughts-men and women to technical communications engineers, senior engineers and project managers.

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