SSPAR Red Arrows

Flying Info

Low Flying

Royal Air Force Fylingdales is not a typical "Flying station" as such.

However Low flying can occur in the near by areas.

Low flying is an essential skill for military aircrew. UK forces have deployed repeatedly to potential trouble spots around the world usually with little or no warning. They have to undertake a variety of roles including reconnaissance, fast-jet or helicopter operations, search and rescue, transporting troops or the delivery of humanitarian aid to remote locations. Whatever the mission aircrew must be able to fulfil the task as effectively as possible, often without time for "work-up" training. Current operations require fast jet, multi-engined and helicopter aircrew to fly at low level. They are only able to do this through specialist training gained through the use of the UK Low Flying System. The UK is split into a number of Low Flying Areas, or LFA's. RAF Fylingdales is within LFA 12.

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