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RAF Linton on Ouse parents us for SSAFA issues. Please contact Mrs Kay Lane (see below)

SSAFA is currently contracted to the MOD to provide a confidential welfare service to RAF personnel and their dependants. Like the Army Welfare Service for the Army, and the Naval Personal & Families Service for the Navy, the SSAFA Personal Support and Social Work Service is the specialist welfare agency for the RAF.

The SSAFA office at RAF Linton on Ouse is situated within the Integrated Welfare Facility (IWF).

SSAFA work with individuals and families on a broad range of issues, including: relationship difficulties, illness and additional needs, stress and anxiety, bereavement and loss, Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding of children. We also get involved in writing formal reports in support of serving personnel, on issues such as Preferential Treatment Reports, Compassionate Discharge, Long Term Sickness and Housing reports.

Although we work within a strict code of confidentiality we will also liaise with external agencies to provide the best outcomes for our service users. Examples would include the RAF Benevolent Fund, Children’s Social Care, housing agencies and the Veterans’Agency.

Anyone can refer themselves to SSAFA, and we will endeavour to be as supportive and sensitive as possible. We understand that it can be difficult to seek help and support and just making that first step can feel very daunting. If you feel that you have an issue that you would like to discuss in confidence, then please contact Kay Lane, Personal & Family Support Worker, on 01347 847611 or 95871 7611. As we are often out of the office, on home visits and appointments, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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