St George

St George's Church

St George's Church In 1997, Padre Richard Lee suggested that the Halton Apprentices’ Association should install stained glass windows in the church to commemorate each Apprentice Entry. Former apprentices were immediately seized of the idea and soon windows, depicting Entry numbers, wing colours, Entry badges, Entry activities, (famous and infamous), and a host of other items were appearing in glorious coloured glass; each telling something of its creator’s time at Halton. For example the 2nd Entry window shows the tunic and puttees worn by the first apprentices at Halton, and one of the aircraft of the era. The 76th window shows badges of Commonwealth Air Forces who sent boys to be trained with their Entry; also shown is a Russian Tank commemorating the Soviet invasion of Hungary which took place during their time at Halton. The 62nd window depicts a tornado which swept across the camp in 1950 causing much damage to the Old Workshops.

Also in the church are to be found many artifacts and memoribilia of Apprentice training including the original Queen’s Colour presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to the School in July 1952. It is laid up there for eternity (the first replacement Colour presented to the School by HRH The Princess Margaret in 1968 is laid up in St Michaels and All Angels Church in Halton Village).

A Roll of Honour listing the names of some 2000 former Halton Apprentices who gave their lives in WW2 is displayed in a cabinet in the foyer of the church under the Window commemorating fallen Apprentices.

There are several commemorative plaques including one commemorating the Quetta Earthquake in India in 1925 listing many ex apprentices who died in the disaster.

The lectern is in the form of a Bristol Fighter which was built by the first Apprentices at Halton in 1922. It was rescued from the great fire which destroyed the original church at the rear of the Old Workshops in 1959. Unfortunately the stunning crafted metal base shown in the photograph was lost. The current one made of wood was constructed by a former Halton Apprentice of the 47th Entry.

The path on leading to the church is lined on wither side by Rose bushes, each one planted in memory of an individual Apprentice, or a particular group.

Former Halton Apprentices Frequently return here for re-unions and never fail to visit the church for window dedication or anniversary services.

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