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Telephone Numbers

If you require a phone number for a department at RAF Halton please call the MOD Operator on 9621 100 from the military network or 01412 487 890 from a civilian telephone line.

Joining the RAF

If you have questions about joining the RAF, including entry criteria, academic requirements or training please visit the RAF Careers website or an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO).

RAF Halton staff are not permitted to offer advice on these topics to members of the public.

Visiting RAF Halton

If you wish to visit RAF Halton please make a request in writing to the Station Commander:

Station Commander
Royal Air Force Halton
HP22 5PG

Information about Service Personnel past or present

RAF Halton does not hold service records of former Service personnel and will not release any information about currently serving personnel. For more information on obtaining past service records visit the Air Historical Branch website.

Media or Web Enquiries

Media queries or enquiries from the Press may be directed to the Media and Communications office on 01296 656 725 or via email using the message function below.

This number is not to be used to request telephone numbers for other departments at RAF Halton.


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