Pair of Chinooks at Halton Airfield

Flying Info

RAF Halton is home to an active military grass airfield where flying has taken place continually since September 1913. The airfield originally supported RAF technical training with aircraft types ranging from the bi-plane era to modern jet powered aircraft. In 1993 the No 1 School of Technical Training moved to RAF Cosford. Service-sponsored powered flying has continued uninterrupted since 1925 and 1930 for gliding. RAF Gliding and Soaring Association Promotional Video.

Operations Squadron (Ops Sqn)

Airfield Ops Sqn Vehicle

Ops Sqn is responsible for the day to day management of the airfield and flying activities.

RAF Halton Microlight Club (HMC)

EV97 Eurostar Microlight Aircraft

HMC provides affordable sport flying training to service personnel and MOD employees.

RAF Gliding & Soaring Association (RAFGSA)

ASK21 glider aircraft

The RAFGSA directs RAF gliding clubs from the RAFGSA Chilterns Gliding Centre.

Robson Gliding Centre (RGC)


The purpose of the RGC is to develop military skills through the use of the adventurous training courses.

RAF Halton Aeroplane Club (HAC)

HAC Citabria aerobatic aircraft

HAC provides affordable sport and professional flying training to service personnel.

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