RTS graduation in front of Tornado

Public Info

Firing Range

Airmen carry out safety checks on their weapons The firing range can be expected to be in operation as follows:

Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Saturday 0800-1600

Timings are subject to change.


A hawk flypast Flypasts take place at RAF Halton on a regualr basis.

Check Flying Info for more information.


RAF Rugby on the sports pitches The sports pitches at RAF Halton are in regular use throughout the week and at the weekends.

Wind directional noise can be expected.

The Trenches

The restored trenches

Throughout Babington Woods and the lower slopes of Wendover Woods, extensive evidence can still be seen of the military activity that was undertaken in the area during the First World War. Learning to dig trenches was an important part of a soldier’s basic training before he was sent to the front and evidence of this remains in the form of long connected shallow ditches, the remains of once deep excavations.A small section of this trench system has now been fully restored at RAF Halton.

To organise a visit to the Trenches contact RAF Halton on 01296 656725.

The Museum

Apprentices work on an aircraft

The museum aims to preserve and display items that relate to the history of Royal Air Force Halton. It has been named in honour of Lord Trenchard, the father of the Royal Air Force, who also founded the Aircraft Apprentice scheme with which the name of Halton has become synonymous. It was opened by his grandson, the Viscount Trenchard, on 26 June 1999.

The museum is open every Tuesday from 1000 to 1600 hours and by arrangement. Please call Mr Francis Hanford on 01296 656841.

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