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This web site is dedicated to helping members of the Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Reservists their families and MOD employed personnel realise their full potential through Lifelong Learning,

The Royal Air Force provides its personnel with a range of Educational and Training opportunities. In this website you will get links and information to the range of opportunites that are available.

We also provide finance to all of our RAF personnel in the form of SLC and ELC, Also within the site are pages explaining how to plan your development using your Personal Development Record ( PDR), how to choose a course, what is available by way of practical and financial support from the RAF, and lots of links to useful sites connected with your learning, personal development and resettlement.

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Learning Centre Events

Learning Centre Events

Find out what educational courses are being held at your local RAF Station Learning Centre in 2017.

Funding Your Studies

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Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) and Standard Learning Credits (SLC) Support.

Have you met your Personal Learning Advisor (PLA)

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Contact details for a helpful and knowledgable Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) in an RAF Station Learning Centre near you.

Learning Centre Resources

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A quick overview of the facilities you can expect to find in your local RAF Station Learning Centre.

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