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Accreditation is the gaining of a whole or partial civilian qualification (which may be expressed in credit-rated units) through recognition of the internal education, training and experience of RAF personnel, against the qualification’s specific requirements. Where accreditation does not meet the requirements for the full national qualification, an accreditation scheme should provide opportunities for individuals to “top up” their learning, to enable them to achieve that full qualification. Engagement in the additional learning required by most accreditation schemes supports the development of general intellectual abilities. This enables personnel to contribute more effectively to the organisation, to respond better to change and to cope with the dynamic situations that the RAF environment presents.


RAF Accreditation provides opportunities to gain nationally recognised civilian qualifications through the accreditation of education, training and experience to maximise recruitment, retention, career development and resettlement benefits. Accreditation activities reinforce the learning process and increase the trainability of personnel, thereby underpinning the improvement of operational effectiveness.

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Joint Service Publication (JSP)

If you would like further information on the Defence policy for the accreditation of education, training and experience please refer to JSP 822 Pt 6.3.

AP7000 Ch 3 Annex D (.doc) outlines how the above accreditation meets the through-life generic professional military development (air) training and manning policy. AP3379 Leaflet 2570 (Military Intranet access only) is the policy leaflet on the accreditation of the RAF's Education, Training and Experience.

RAF Accreditation Contacts

SO1 Accreditation - Civ: 01400 266510 or Mil: 95751 x 6510

SO2 Accreditation - Civ: 01400 266997 or Mil: 95751 x 6997

SO3 Accreditation - Civ: 01400 266888 or Mil: 95751 x 6888

HE Registrar - Civ: 01400 268179 or Mil: 95751 X 8179

Learning Credits Administrator - Civ. 01400 268183 or Mil 95751 8183.

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