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NCA Foundation Degree


What Qualification will you receive?

In line with MoD Policy developed by DGT&E the RAF is ensuring that all personnel gain at least a level 2 qualification within 2 years of enlistment. Notwithstanding this, the RAF has sought to secure the highest possible qualification for all its personnel. For Non Commissioned Aircrew this is a Foundation Degree (FDSc) in Applied Aviation Studies with Staffordshire University. This FDSc is based on 70% Accreditation for the Generic and Specialist Phase training course that you are about to undertake. The remaining 30% will be achieved by completing the additional modules that have been agreed between Staffordshire University and the RAF.

Who is Staffordshire University?

Staffordshire University is a Higher Education Corporation under the provisions of the Education Reform Act 1988. The Universityprovides high quality, progressive and inclusive higher education for approximately 16,000 students from across Staffordshire, the region, the UK and the rest of the world.

The University is led by its Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Professor Christine King. Overall management of the University is the responsibility of the University Executive Team which comprises the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Secretary, Finance Director, Director of Human Resources and Executive Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Staffordshire University prides itself on the work it does with employer engagement and has developed several awards to suit the training needs of the companies it works with, these include, BT, Britvic, NHS, Police, RAF, Army, Fire and Rescue, JCB, Air and Ground, Areva and many more. All of the programmes developed for companies allow students to use the qualification gained to progress onto higher qualifications.

How much will the FDSc in Applied Aviation Studies Cost?

As an individual the FDSc will only cost you time and effort as it is being fully funded by the RAF. In fact, once you have completed your FDSc in Applied Aviation Studies you will be able to use this to gain an Accelerated Incremental Progression (AIP). More details on AIPs can be found in JSP 754 Chap 3 Sect 6.

Further Qualifications in Applied Aviation Studies:

When you have completed your FDSc in Applied Aviation Studies with Staffordshire University, you could choose to aid your own personal and professional development by upgrading your FDSc to a BSc in Applied Aviation Studies.

Points of Contact for Staffordshire:

Peter Barnes – Principal Lecturer 01785 353242
Sarah Wheeler –Business Innovation Support Coordinator 01785 353490

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