What can I get credit for?

What can I get Credit for?

Recognition of Prior Learning (knows as Accreditation of Prior Learning (APC)) takes 2 forms:

Certificated learning:

If you have undertaken a course accredited by another institution within the past 5 years, and it’s relevant to the Degree, the universities will recognise this learning and award you credit towards your degree, reducing the work you will have to undertake. This includes several RAF courses such as JMLC, IMLC, AMLC, IOT, JOCC, ISSC and JODP as well as some Branch and Trade training. Your Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) can advise you on the complete list.

Experiential learning:

But it is not only courses that can help you progress. During your RAF career, it is likely that you will have gained experience in a wide variety of interesting and challenging roles. This experience can be used and developed by the universities. By putting together a 'Portfolio of Evidence' to demonstrate what you have achieved in the past and reflecting upon this, you will be able to claim further credit in order to achieve a degree.

The recognition of your prior learning will reduce the time needed to gain the qualification as well as the cost and will enable you to make more effective use of your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs). For further details on ELCs please visit your PLA or the ELCAS website http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/

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