What does it cost?

What does it cost?

The costs of a Degree, set according to Government guidelines, could be up to a maximum of £9,000. However, any Accreditation of Prior Learning that you might be able to claim would reduce this figure.

Everyone will be eligible to claim Standard Learning Credits (SLC) and a SLC should be used to fund the initial Self Review module. If you registered for the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC), then you can use these to pay for discrete blocks of modules. Importantly, you can now use one ELC claim to pay for the equivalent of one years full-time study (120 credit points), even if it takes you more than a year to complete this study.

There are strict rules regarding the use of Learning Credits and you must seek advice from your Personal Learning Advisor before committing yourself to any study. Failure to do so could leave you liable to the full costs of the course.

More information on the use of ELCs is available at: Enhanced Learning Credits

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