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ELC Claimants no longer in Service

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Do not commit any funds to a learning provider before you are authorised to do so by the RAF ELC system. ELC will pay for your course in advance only and the regulations will not permit you to claim a refund under any circumstances. You need to have a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) in your possession before you pay any money to a learning provider. Read the notes below for a fuller explanation.

Information can be found on the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service website

Full information regarding policy and procedures of the scheme can be found in JSP 822 Pt1 Chap 6 Sect 6.5

Important information: Claims must be submitted at least 25 working days before course start date, as retrospective claims are not allowed.

For further information or any queries please contact:

Learning Credits Administrator (CNLIS)
No 22 Group
Room 221
Trenchard Hall
Royal Air Force
NG34 8HB

Tel: 01400 268183 or 95751 8183


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