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NVQ Information

Accreditation of Training (Non-commissioned)

Learning Forces have put in place the opportunity for all non-commissioned personnel to achieve a civilian recognised qualification at a minimum of NVQ Level 2 in an appropriate discipline within 2 years of joining the Service. The opportunity is provided at Basic Training through the Ground Training Schools. The Ground Training Schools are approved NVQ awarding Centres and have trained NVQ assessors and Internal Verifiers.

RAF NVQ/Key Skills Implementation Team Contacts

NVQ/Key Skills Implementation Teams have been established to co-ordinate the management of NVQs and Key Skills within the GTS. They are all trade experts and act as a point of contact for their respective trades. If you have any queries regarding the opportunities available for your trade then they are a source of information.

Accreditation of Training (Commissioned)

In Jan 00 the Open University (OU) introduced a new system of Credit Transfer for professional or academic study completed during Service training. Credit Transfer Points are now assigned a 'Level' instead of being awarded at 'Basic-rate'. There are 4 levels of Credit within the system, Levels 1-3 are undergraduate and Level PG is postgraduate. The amount of credit awarded reflects the time needed to achieve outcomes. One credit point is awarded for every 10 hours of notional learning.

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