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Basic Skills

The improvement of the general level of adult literacy and numeracy is a key part of the Government's Skills Strategy. Information about basic skills levels and qualifications can be found at the QCA website. The basic skills support available to RAF personnel and dependants is described below.

The literacy and numeracy operating levels of new entrants to the RAF is assessed during recruit training using the Department for Education and Skills initial assessment tool. Those on the trained strength without a Level 2 qualification in literacy or numeracy should consult their local Personal Learning Adviser. He/she will arrange for an initial assessment to be carried out.

For new entrants to trades with an Apprenticeship linked to trade training, systematic literacy and numeracy support is provided through the Key Skills element of the Apprenticeship framework. For those not attaining Level 2 in literacy and numeracy through Key Skills, support is available through Station Learning Centres. Personal Learning Advisers will provide advice, guidance and opportunities for training and testing to all those requesting it.

Full details of the RAF's basic skills policy can be found in leaflet 2560 of AP3379.

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