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Fast-Track membership of the Chartered Management Institute – Arrangements for RAF Personnel including Reserves and Retired members

(Updated 16 May 17)

Application Form

1. The Royal Air Force recognises the benefits to be gained from encouraging military personnel to gain membership of leading professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The CMI aims to promote the art and science of management and develop and support the managers of the future by sharing best practice and setting standards. CMI grades of membership are designed to reflect and recognise an individual’s entire career and educational achievements.

2. Due to a special arrangement between the Services and the CMI, serving and retired personnel, both regular and reserve, are now able to qualify for guaranteed “fast track” membership of the Institute at the levels shown below. Such applications are not subject to the usual £50 assessment fee (2012DIN07-057 refers).

Benefits of Membership

3. In recognising the needs of Service personnel, the CMI provides a range of information, advice and development opportunities including:

a. Recognition of Managerial Achievement – As well as the professional status that membership brings, members can choose to pursue formal management qualifications with the CMI – leading up to the ultimate accolade of Chartered Manager.

b. Management Development – Access a wide range of educational and development programmes including Vocationally Related Qualifications (Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas) in Management and Leadership at levels 2 (Team Leading) through to 8 (Strategic Direction & Leadership) and NVQs 3, 4, 5 in Management

c. Management Advice and Career Support – Careers advice on training and development including a CV makeover, advice on graduate recruitment, and on-line ‘Find a Job’ service providing access to recruitment and selection organisations to help with second careers. Members can also benefit from our highly acclaimed on-line CPD system.

d. Management Information – All members (including studying members) have free annual subscription to six issues of Professional Manager, the official membership magazine of the Chartered Management Institute, keeping members up-to-date on current management issues and latest management theory and practice. In addition, full members receive free subscription to ‘Management Today’. Members also have access, through the Management Information Centre to extensive online knowledge, case studies, book loans, reports and quick reference enquiries. Trained researchers can respond to specific enquiries within 24 hours.

e. Free Legal Helpline (business & personal law) – A qualified solicitor is on call to respond, within an hour, to queries offering initial advice on options and possible outcomes.

f. Business HR Service – Members have access to free downloadable templates that can be customised for policies, letters, forms and contracts.#

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note that these awards DO NOT attract AIP and SLC's can not be used as payment for membership.

CMI fast-track membership levels for MOD personnel

4. The rank structures of the military Services are apposite models for grading personnel into generic Institute membership levels, based upon assumed supervisory, management and strategic responsibilities. The table attached illustrates this principle with Costings for each Membership Grades; a breakdown of Nato to UK rank can be downloaded. There will, however, be instances where individuals, through dint of extraordinary endeavour, special operations, extensive experience beyond the norm of customary responsibility etc, should be considered for a higher membership grade. Individuals can be ‘upgraded’ based upon either a recommendation from a superior officer or a personal application. For example, there are some OR9 at Fellow.

Application procedure for fast-track membership

5. Applications for fast-track membership should be made using the attached form and
forwarded to the CMI at the address shown in paragraph 8.

Note: Application for CMI qualifications from Staff Courses are available via the school where the course was completed or via the CMI website on thier Armed Forces page.

Assessed membership

6. The boundaries of the generic rank-orientated membership grades are not fixed. It is
possible for deserving individuals to be awarded a higher grade of membership than that shown in the attached Rank table. Senior officers can recommend individuals, or individuals can apply, for a higher grade using the enclosed form and including supporting evidence. Under these circumstances, the customary assessment fee (£50) will be waived.

Membership upgrades for existing members

7. Existing members with membership at a lower level than that afforded by rank, as
shown above, should apply for an upgrade using the enclosed form. In this case, there is no requirement to provide supporting evidence.

8. CMI Contact details

Membership Operations Department
The Chartered Management Institute
Management House
Cottingham Road
NN17 1TT

Tel: 01536 207307
Fax: 01536 400388
Website: provides a wealth of information relevant to Military Personnel.

Application Form

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