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Higher Level Studies

Higher Level Defence Studies

Increasingly, many of us find ourselves in appointments where we are required to articulate the case for British Defence Policy, the Royal Air Force, Air Power, Command and Control Organisations, Procurement and Management issues and so on.

It is a long list of challenges and requires thought, awareness and, above all, knowledge of why the world is the way it is. Whilst the Service does all it can to prepare individuals for such tasks and debates through the CST process, opportunities exist for selected officers to undertake post-graduate degree courses and research fellowships at some of the UK’s leading universities. These so-called “Higher Level Defence Studies” (HLDS) expose the individual officer to an in-depth analysis of contemporary events and issues in this multilateral, unpredictable world. To find out further information on what courses are available please visit your Learning Centre or contact your Personal Learning Advisor (PLA).

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