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If you are learning a language as an element of pre-employment training for a future appointment, the Service will arrange for you to undertake a course, usually at the Defence School of Languages (DSL). If you wish to learn for self improvement reasons the best way to achieve this is by attending a class on station or at a local college and your REC can advise you. If this is not a practicable option for you or if you wish to supplement the taught skills, sophisticated, interactive distance learning packages are now available on CD ROM. The BBC offers courses which are based on books, television/radio broadcasts and video/audio cassettes. Alternatively, Grant & Cutler specialises in language learning materials and their address in 55-57 Great Marlborough Street, London WV1 2AY (Tel: 1071 734 2012/8766).

For personnel who have acquired a higher level of skill ('A' Level and beyond) the University Short Course Programme ( USCP) offers learning in a variety of languages. Bristol University delivers these residential courses over long weekends. Details of the courses can be found at the link above or in the USCP booklets in your Learning Centre.


There are 4 levels of Service language assessment as follows:

a. MODLEB Diploma.

b. MODLEB Advanced Certificate Standard.

c. Tri-Service Operational Standard.

d. Tri-Service Colloquial Standard.

Useful Language Studies sites:

BBC Website on learning languages (mainly European)

UCL website on English Grammar Training

Michael Thomas, a world famous language trainer who offers language programmes

Linguaphone Language Centre - Over 50 language courses available

Disclaimer – Learning Forces do not endorse any of the above, and the links are merely suggestions

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