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Personal Development Record

Personal Development Record (PDR) The Royal Air Force's Personal Development Record (PDR) is designed to allow its personnel to effectively plan their development. It is both a record of past achievements and a planning tool to help RAF personnel to develop within the RAF, as well as preparing them for future employment when they leave. It provides a simple and practical structure for recording and planning any development opportunities.

The RAF considers Personal Development to be a combination of Personal Improvement and Professional Development. The latter is further divided into General Service Training, which personnel receive as airmen/women and officers, and Specialist Training, which they receive for their specific trades or branches. Clearly, there are many development opportunities where Personal and Professional overlap and the RAF's Personal Development model, below, reflects this:

The RAF's definition of Personal Development is:

"Where an individual takes responsibility for experiential or academic learning in achieving their own personal goals and career aspirations, which also enhance the effectiveness of the organisation."

If we break this down into parts we see that: The individual is expected to take responsibility for their own learning; experiential is placed before academic to emphasise that most learning (around 80%) takes place in non-formal learning environments, such as the workplace; development should be part of a plan (personal goals) rather than structureless learning for its own sake; personal development includes professional training (career aspirations); and the organisation should receive some payback from the investment of time and money.

The RAF PDR is essentially a portfolio within which an individual collects evidence of through-career employment, training experience and assessment of performance/ effectiveness. It may be used in gaining accreditation or dispensation for academic awards. It can be used as a tool to focus career aspirations and for self assessment.

The RAF PDR is being issued to all RAF Servicemen/women in the form of a blue, 4-ring binder. The binder contains a number of sections for organising information. Within the sections there are a number of forms, which can be accessed at the end of this page.

To set-up and maintain a Personal Development Record, in whatever format, takes a lot of time and effort. The Royal Air Force believes that the effort is worthwhile.

If you wish for further information on how to complete your PDR and you are still serving, please speak to your Station Personal Learning Advisor.

The PDR is a tool that will help Service personnel to fulfil their aspirations for educational development - be they modest or grand - throughout and beyond a Service career. It will support the civilian recognition of Service training and experience.

Click on the following hyperlinks to access the PDR documentation which can be printed:

Personal Details

Record of Employment

Record of Qualifications

Record of Training and Development Opportunities

Record of Experience

Personal Development Plan

Curriculum Vitae

SWOT Analysis Model

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