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Professional Recognition Awards

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City & Guilds PRA DIN 2017DIN07-007 (only accessible via Dii Intranet)

Appeals Procedure - Only to be used for City and Guilds Appeals

Re-issue of Certificate Application Form - Details of cost and application form for reissue of certificate if lost etc

About the awards

On 1 October 2013 City and Guilds replaced the Senior Awards and introduced the Professional Recognition Awards (PRAs). Under no circumstances will Senior Awards applications be accepted or processed.

City & Guilds is the oldest awarding body and the largest provider of vocational awards and qualifications in the UK. Working in partnership with the MOD, City & Guilds has been able to accredit military professional development and skills with Professional Recognition Awards in leadership and management. PRAs can be used by civilian companies as a way of recognising the level at which Military personnel operate at within leadership and management.

A Professional Recognition Award identifies you as a highly motivated individual who can handle pressures and new challenges and who will grasp the opportunity to develop new skills.

PRA Information and Costs

PRA Information for Retired Service Leavers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note these awards DO NOT attract AIP and SLCs CANNOT be used to purchase the awards.

Evidence Based Templates

CV for PRS - L4

CV for PRA L5

CV for PRA - L6

CV for PRA - L7

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