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Wittering Learning Centre

Courses to be held at RAF Wittering in 2018

(Updated on 15 Dec 2017)

The following courses are to be held at RAF Wittering.

Welcome to the RAF Wittering Learning Centre page.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staffs are keen to help you withwhatever your learning needs may be. Whether you’re looking for professionaldevelopment to enhance your Service career, looking to retrain for a return tocivilian life or simply wanting to broaden your knowledge just for the fun ofit, we will aim to help guide you through the process. We can offer advice andguidance on education and training opportunities, as well as providingnon-MODNET internet access, an eclectic library, fax and photocopyingfacilities. Quiet study areas are also available.

Why not have a look at our regularly updated course list and seewhat we have running here on camp, or join our Facebook group ‘WitteringLearning Centre’ to keep right up to date with what’s going on.

Meet the Team:

Fg Off Robin Griffiths – Station Training Officer X 7762

FS Reg Brown – Training and Development Coordinator X 7086

Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) - Paula Coakley X 7519

Kathryn Andrews - Resettlement and Education Coordinator (REC) X7291

Sharon Rutter – FDS Supervisor X 7312

Geoff Barlow – Training and Development Clerk X 7748

Contact RAF Wittering on 01780 41XXXX or 95351 XXXX

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