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No 2 RAF Force Protection Wing Headquarters (No 2 RAF FP Wg HQ) was formed at RAF Leeming on 1st April 1998. Originally badged as No 2 Tactical Survive To Operate HQ (Tac STO), its title changed in April 2004 following the restructuring of the Wing. As a Headquarters 2 Group unit, it is based at RAF Leeming, but under command of the RAF Force Protection Force.

No 2 RAF FP Wg HQ provides a small HQ element commanding No 34 Squadron RAF Regiment, a Very High Readiness RAF Regiment Field Squadron, and 609 (West Riding) Royal Auxiliary RAF Regiment Squadron. The Wing HQ has an establishment of 15, the HQ comprises of a Wing Commander Officer Commanding (OC), a Squadron Leader Chief of Staff, 4 Flight Lieutenants, including a FP Security and Intelligence officers, 2 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, 2 Junior Non-Commissioned Officers and 4 Other Ranks.

The Wing focus is the provision of Air Force Protection, which means the co-ordinated measures by which threats and hazards to Air assets are countered and mitigated in order to maintain freedom of Air Operations. To achieve this the Wing is integrated, scaleable, self-sustaining, intelligence-based and risk-managed, maintaining readiness for both the planning and execution of Air Component operations.

The Force Protection Force Mission is to provide world beating Air Force Protection and CBRN capabilities at readiness, in order to meet UK Defence requirements. Since its formation, No 2 RAF FP Wg HQ has been routinely deployed on operations, including UK based provision of Military Aid to Civil Powers in flood prevention and Foot and Mouth disaster assistance. Some of which include:

1998: Operation BOLTON / DESERT FOX, supporting of the southern No-fly Zone over Iraq.

1999: Operation BOLTON in Kuwait.

2000: Operation WATERFOWL in the UK.

2001: Operation RESINATE SOUTH in Kuwait.

2001: Operation HEARTSTONE in the UK.

2001: Operation ORACLE in Oman.

2002: Operation FINGLE in Afghanistan.

2003: Operation TELIC 1, in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.

2003: Operation TELIC 2, in Iraq.

2005: Operation TELIC 5, in Iraq.

2006: Operation HERRICK 4, in Afghanistan.

2007: Operation TELIC 10, in Iraq.

2009: Operation TERRICK 11, in Afghanistan.

2010: Operation HERRICK 13, in Afghanistan.

2011: Operation ELLAMY, in Libya.

The Wing also participates in a number of UK based and overseas exercises. Prior to each operational deployment all Wing personnel conduct a focused period of Mission Specific Training. This ensures that all Wing personnel intimately understand the need to protect Air operations and how best to mitigate the risk to air operations and the mission. Wing personnel are air-minded specialists attuned to the flexibility and complexity of air operations who are optimised to meet the needs of the Air Component.

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