25 September 2012

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RAF LEEMING PRIMARY SCHOOL had a flying visit today, Wednesday 19 September, as one of the helicopters on exercise at RAF Leeming visited the school on what was literally, a flying visit.

A Puma Helicopter from 33 Squadron, normally based at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, dropped in just after lunch to the RAF Leeming Primary School. Not only were the pupils allowed an extra long lunch break, the Puma helicopter landed on the school’s playing field.

33 Sqn Puma HelicopterThe Puma helicopter stayed on the field for just a few minutes as the school pupils and staff exchanged waves, salutes and thumbs-up with the Puma crew. As the helicopter was returning from a training sortie it was able to land at the school. When the time came for the helicopter to leave, it took off vertically and gracefully turned to the right in a gentle but impressive towering take-off. The helicopter then returned to RAF Leeming at the end of its flight.

Mr Adam Pritchard-Jenkins, the Head Teacher at the RAF Leeming Primary school said:

“Currently our years 3 and 4 children are studying a cross-curricula project on flight, and what better way to help them learn about flying than with a helicopter landing at the school!”.

He added: “As a school we are ideally placed here at RAF Leeming to utilise aircraft and RAF personnel to assist with our learning. We are extremely grateful to RAF Leeming for their generous input and inclusion in many activities.”

Mr Pritchard- Jenkins closed by saying: “The children are very, very proud their parent’s jobs at RAF Leeming, and it is great to see real RAF activity first hand.”

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