Tucano on the airfield at dusk

76(R) Squadron

76(R) Squadron

76(R) Squadron formerly TANS (Tucano Air Navigation Squadron) evolved from BATS (Bulldog and Tucano Squadron) which was itself established in Apr 92 as a result of a major development and restructuring of Navigator training. Upon the closure of RAF Finningley in the mid 1990s, 76(R) Sqn was relocated to RAF Topcliffe before once more moving to its present home at RAF Linton in May 2003.

The Squadron comprises 12 instructors including a Sqn Ldr commanding Officer, 4 WSO instructors and 7 pilot instructors with a student throughput for next year of approximately 10 students. The Squadron’s role is to teach basic navigation techniques and airmanship. More specifically, techniques covered include low level navigation, targeting, valley flying, mixed profile medium to low level exercises, and emergency handling. In performing its role, 76(R) Sqn forms the second of the first 3 modules of WSO training whose overall aims are to assess the ability and suitability of the WSOs under training for specialist training for a variety of roles on the Tornado, Hercules, or Nimrod fleets.

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