202 Squadron

202 (D Flt) Sqn

The primary role of SAR is the recovery of downed military aviators, but in peacetime its aircraft are available all year round for use in civilian distress incidents.

The RAF operates Sea King rescue helicopters of Nos. 22 and 202 Squadrons from six locations, with Royal Navy and Coastguard helicopters available at a further six. for land rescues, the RAF can also call upon the the services of its five Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs), each manned by a core of permanent staff supported by about thirty volunteers.

Search and Rescue Helicopters

22 Squadron operate the Sea King from RMB Chivenor (A Flt), Wattisham Airfield (B Flt) and RAF Valley (C Flt).

202 Squadron operate Sea King aircraft from RAF Boulmer (A Flt), RAF Lossiemouth (D Flt) and RAF Leconfield (E Flt).

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