Other Units

No 5 Force Protection Wing Headquarters

Motto: “Semper Parati Defendere” – Always Ready to Defend

5 Force Protection Wing is one of 7 RAF Force Protection Wing Headquarters (FP Wg HQs). FP Wg HQs are optimised to provide operational planning, command and control for Force Protection assets deployed on operations. 5 FP Wg is made up of an 11 strong multi-disciplinary specialist Force Protection team. 51 Sqn RAF Regt and 2622(H) RauxAF are attached to 5 FP Wg which has deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq most recently being in Afghanistan from November 2013 to May 2014.

51 Sqn RAF Regiment

Motto: “Celeriter Defendere” – Swift to Defend

51 Squadron RAF Regiment is a field squadron of the RAF Regiment in the Royal Air Force. Its mission is the protection of RAF bases from ground attack.

51 Squadron RAF Regiment was reformed at RAF Honington on the 8 May 2001, immediately moving to RAF Lossiemouth in June 2001. The Sqn has been deployed on airfield defence duties in Kuwait and in Iraq where it earned a Battle Honour. 51 Squadron has deployed to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK, providing Force Protection to Kandahar Air Field. The Squadron deployed to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan from April to October 2012 where it saw action following a significant insurgent attack. Its most recent deployment was to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK from November 2013 to May 2014.

2622 (Highland) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force

Motto: “Seasaidh Sin Ar Tir” - (Gaelic) We stand our ground

2622 (Highland) Squadron's role is to provide a sustainment capability to regular Royal Air Force Regiment field squadrons.

The Squadron was formed in 1979 to assist with the ground defence of RAF Lossiemouth. Initially the reservists were recruited solely from the local area, but are now recruited from Edinburgh, Glasgow, north Scotland, and the east and west coasts of Scotland. The Squadron’s role is to supply reservists to augment the RAF Regiment’s field squadrons and Force Protection Wing Headquarters when required for operations. Recently the Squadron has mobilised reservists to support its parent 5 Force Protection Wing and 51 Squadron RAF Regiment for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2622 (Highland) Squadron reservists give a commitment to serve in uniform for a minimum of 27 days per year. Monthly training weekends are held at the Squadron Headquarters, RAF Lossiemouth. Once a year the whole Squadron deploy either overseas or within the UK for a two-week annual camp. Effective, enjoyable and realistic training is the key to their success. Adventurous Training weekends are routinely organised giving Squadron members the opportunity to experience a variety of outdoor activities. Training encourages initiative, teamwork and resourcefulness; it motivates people to find answers to a variety of situations and builds confidence and adaptability. Reservists come from all walks of life, including ex-servicemen, tradesmen, office workers, retail workers, self-employed, unemployed, students etc. Being a reservist allows people to be part of the military whilst remaining a civilian and is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, travel abroad and also earn extra money.

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