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From its inception in 1949 the RAFMAA has been one of the driving forces of the sport and, despite a contracting Royal Air Force, still has members competing at both National and World Championship level. In 2012, to offset reducing Service membership numbers and to better utilise its flying sites, RAFMAA opened its doors to non-MOD civilians. Despite the Defence Infrastructure Organisation license fee, membership costs compare favourably with other BMFA clubs, few of which can offer such facilities.

RAFMAA’s members are involved in the full spectrum of the sport, from Free-flight to Jets, Control Line to Auto-gyros, Gliders to Indoor and everything in between. As an Association, we are always looking for new members with similar zeal to increase the size, variety and number of clubs under our wing.

RAFMAA benefits from being both an Approved Sport supported by the RAF Sports Board and an Area in its own right within the BMFA. By combining the best of both institutions along with a military camaraderie that you won’t find elsewhere we offer a unique opportunity to enjoy our sport. Here’s just a taste of what makes us different:

- To attract new members into the sport in the hope of one day delivering RAF and Inter-Service champions, RAFMAA has a number of high and low wing trainer aircraft that clubs can sign out for a season at no cost as well as other expensive but rarely used tools.

- We actively seek discounts from vendors to ensure that our members get the very best prices and have a range of other initiatives aimed at promoting the sport and keeping costs down.

- As well as attending various public shows such as this one, RAFMAA holds a number of invitational Fly-Ins and a members-only Fly-In every August/September that hosts the RAF Championships. For those wishing to compete, this is the opportunity to take home some of the silverware which has been generously donated over our 60+ year history, but most come along simply for the opportunity catch up with old friends, fly off-the-peg until they’re exhausted and try disciplines perhaps not available within their own clubs.

With units ranging from RAF Kinloss in the North, to RAF St Mawgan in the South the nearest RAFMAA club may not be far away.

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Property Scheme

Property Scheme

What's our is yours. From complet trainer and buddy box systems to gazebos, check out what you or your club can borrow.

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Achievement Scheme

Achievement Scheme

As part of RAFMAA's commitment to stn cdrs to take every practical step to increase safety, every RAFMAA club promotes the Achievement Scheme.

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No Flying club nearby?

No Club Nearby

If you have access to an MOD airfield, we'll help you set up your own RAFMAA affiliated club, provide document templates and useful POCs. You don't need to be Serving to do this.

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