Membership Benefits

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The primary aim of any sport within the Royal Air Force is to contribute to military effectiveness by encouraging personal qualities such as courage, resilience and esprit de corps. RAFMAA has enjoyed strong support from senior leadership in the RAF who recognise our joint goal of improving air-mindedness, particularly for those Servicemen and women that don’t have day-to-day close contact with aircraft.

Benefits to clubs

Through your membership of RAFMAA we are able to demonstrate to station commanders the continued need for facilities and support at their units. To bolster this requirement, formal endorsement was given by the RAF Sports Board in 2011 for RAFMAA clubs to accept entirely civilian members. This is a new direction for RAFMAA but recognises both the amazing facilities that we are fortunate in some instances to have and the significant contribution that many civilian members have been making behind the scenes for many years. Throughout 2012 we will be striving to integrate this new membership category into our Charter for the benefit of all. Affiliate members have full access to the range of RAFMAA benefits. They have a vote at club level but not at Association level - their views however are extremely welcome.

Benefits to individuals

As well as working to safeguard your flying sites, RAFMAA has been able to implement or initiate a number of additional benefits. We operate the BMFA achievement scheme with our own instructors and examiners to assist you with improving and recognising your flying skills. We hold expensive to buy and rarely needed tools centrally for you to borrow as and when required in our property scheme. We have negotiated large discounts from model vendors and retailers on your behalf with our equipment scheme so that you can get the best prices going on your new equipment. All Servicemen listed within the BMFA as RAFMAA will have their BMFA membership paid for by the RAF Sports Board. From 2014 membership will be accepted via BACS. RAFMAA holds a number of events throughout the year, culminating in the RAFMAA Annual Fly In in late August/early September, which are of course free to all RAFMAA members.

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