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Hello, I'm Ian Nelson and I'm the RAFMAA's Achievement Scheme Coordinator.

As many of us have the opportunity of flying on RAF stations with or without a live runway then we must uphold a high standard of safety.

It has been repeatedly shown that clubs enjoy a better safety record when a high proportion of members have participated in the Achievement Scheme at any level. Of course being a military organisation we already have a high sense of personal discipline, so my job as Achievement Scheme Coordinator should be that much easier! Even outside of the military environment, RAFMAA members should set set an example of flying beyond reproach and encourage these values to our civilian counterparts to protect our country's remaining flying sites.

RAFMAA follow the BMFA Achievement scheme, which is designed to increase safety within the model flying fraternity. It covers all disciplines of Radio Controlled aircraft and has two standards in all disciplines with an additional category, soon to be two, in fixed wing power.

The main aim of the R/C Achievement Schemes is to encourage model flyers to reach a given standard of flying ability and safety and to prove that standard to an Examiner. There are three grades;

(a) The ‘A’ Certificate which may be equated to a ‘safe solo' standard of flying.

(b) The ‘B’ Certificate which is designed to recognise a more advanced pilot’s increased ability and knowledge and a demonstrated higher level of safety.

(c) The ‘C’ Certificate, Aerobatics and at the time of writing a proposed ‘C’ certificate for Scale flying.

If you are an OIC of a RAFMAA club then, as part of RAFMAAs commitment to stn cdrs to take every practical step to increase safety, you shall promote the Achievement Scheme. If you wish any suggestions on how to do so then please contact me as I can talk you through 'best practice'.

Clubs are normally expected to instruct their personnel to the relevant certificate level before contacting me to arrange for an examination, but if you don't have suitable instructors please contact me so that I may help. I am always available for advice and, where necessary, to undertake coaching.

Throughout the year, RAFMAA hold several major events.  Consideration is being given to holding examinations at these events provide a target for people to aim for.  Watch this space for further news.

To prepare for an Achievement Certificate, it is important to read current BMFA Handbook, particularly on points of safety and protocols. Additionally, practice the manoeuvres for the required certificate until they become second nature. A good tip is to access the BMFA website and read the ‘Notes for Examiners’ to identify what we look for in a test.

If you want more information or have any queries, do not hesitate to get in contact with me on

Happy Landings

Ian Nelson

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