93 Expeditionary Armament (EA) Squadron

93 Expeditionary Armament Squadron

93 EA Armament Squadron badge 93 Expeditionary Armament (EA) Squadron

Mission Statement
To deliver specialist, expeditionary weapons support capability to the UK air component.
93 Expeditionary Armament Squadron is a sub unit within 42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing (Formerly Armament Support Unit) which delivers specialist expeditionary weapons support capability to the UK air component. Its staff conducts reconnaissance of potential Deployed Operating Bases (DOBs) to identify suitable explosive storage and preparation facilities as well as locations for armed aircraft parking. The Squadron could provide up to 3 recce teams that would comprise of one Officer or WO plus one SNCO.

The Squadron could deploy 4 x 20-man Operational Support Teams (OST) to establish the explosive storage facilities, accept the initial in load of weapons and prepare aircraft weapon loads. A single OST would be deployed to each fast jet DOB but may be redeployed in full or part to perform other tasks.

The Squadron could also deploy up to 2 personnel (one Officer or WO plus one SNCO) to establish the Rear Explosive Storage Area together with NFU personnel, thereby providing storage for in-theatre stocks of air delivered munitions and transit storage for weapons en route from the SPOD to the DOBs.

93(EA) Squadrons’ other roles include providing manpower for out of area ESA manning and they currently supply weapons technicians and logisticians for Op HERRICK in Afghanistan, as well as providing support for all multi-platform, Harrier and RAF Marham Tornado bombing exercises all over the world.

The Squadron also supplies any and all explosive support that is required by 138 Expeditionary Air Wing and associated satellite units, as well as providing limited safe storage, maintenance and management of air launched munitions that may be required at short notice to support the UK air component.

The current Squadron establishment stands at 4 Officers, one Warrant Officer, 120 other ranks and 7 civilian members of staff.
42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing (Formerly Armament Support Unit)

The 42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing (42 (ES) Wg) is situated at RAF Wittering and delivers and develops specialist, expeditionary armament capability and specialist storage buildings to support UK defence policy. The Wing comprises of 71 (Inspect & Repair) Sqn based at RAF St Athan, 93 (EA) Sqn based at RAF Marham and 5001 (Airfield Engineering) Sqn and 5131 (Bomb Disposal) Sqn based at RAF Wittering.

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