Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control badge Air Traffic Control (ATC)
The Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) is responsible for the management of both the Air Traffic Control Squadron (ATC) and the Fire Section.

ATC at RAF Marham operates on an extended hours basis providing Air Traffic services from 0800-2359 hrs Monday-Thursday and until 1800 hrs on Friday. The services provided extend to Station-based and visiting aircraft, and also to aircraft that transit within 40 miles of the airfield.

Due to the proximity of the Royal residence at Sandringham, Royal and VIP flights take place on a regular basis.

Fire Section badge The Fire Section
The Fire Section provides crash rescue services to aircraft using the airfield, and fire cover for other vital installations.

Firefighters are also responsible for a wide variety of other tasks including fire prevention, maintenance of first aid firefighting equipment and the education of all Station personnel in basic firefighting techniques as part of the Common Core Skills package.

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