C4I Support Squadron

Command Control Communication Computers and Intelligence Support Squadron (C4I Spt Sqn)

With Communications and Information Systems being increasingly vital within the RAF, C4i Support Squadron stood up in late 2003 in order to provide RAF Marham with a new, larger, dedicated team to look after all things computer related. The Squadron comprises two Flights: IS Flight and Comms Flight.

Information Systems Flight - (IS Flt)
IS Flt is responsible for the control and maintenance of all RAF Marham IT resources and operational systems. This includes the main station network and associated Intranet website and the engineering support system.

Information Hub (IHub)
The IHub act as the appointed Authorised Demanders (AD) on DII/F(R) at RAF Marham. This function incorporates the coordination of orders and demands for software/hardware products used across the network. Additionally it is the focal point for all Information Management/Information Exploitation and provides guidance to Marham’s wide and varied business units. Additionally the IHub includes the Station Intranet Web team who manage the Station Intranet Website and liaise closely with local content managers.

Communications Flight - (Comms Flt)
Comms Flight is broken down into a number of sections:

Ground Radio Maintenance Section
Looks after the maintenance of the airfield approach and control radar systems, the Air Traffic Control radio systems and ground use radios.

Photographic Section
Responsible for all aspects of ground photographic activity including a mini-lab based Regional Processing Centre and video editing suite.

Deputy Authorised Telecommunications Officer (DATO)
The DATO is responsible for all telephony on Marham including Mobile phones.

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