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Community Support Flight

The Community Support Flight comprises both RAF Marham Community Support and the HIVE and is manned by OC Community Support Flight, the SCSO, Community Support Assistant and HIVE Information Officer

Community Support Flight – Purpose and Aim
The Mission of the RAF Marham Community Support Flight is“To provide the highest quality welfare support to the RAF Marham Community in order to enable the Station to focus on campaign winning operations”

The Aim:
For RAF personnel to be fully effective in their duties it is essential that their well-being and that of their dependents is properly catered for with the highest standard of welfare support, amenities and activities, thereby assisting in maintaining the highest levels of moral and thus the effectiveness of Service personnel.

The purpose of Community Support is to:
(a) to provide enhanced welfare support to families during periods of operational deployment through the provision of material for children, frequent briefings and get-togethers, trips and outings and parties.
(b) to provide a comprehensive families activity programme through the forging links with local children’s service providers thereby ensuring the greatest range of activities are available for families at a frequency.
(c) to provide excellent recreational facilities for the whole community by making full use of the amenities already available and, in consultation with the community, seeking ways for funding even better and more comprehensive facilities.
(d) to seek, by negotiation with outside recreational and retail organisations, the best deals and discounts possible for the service community in the local area.
(e) to provide, through the HIVE, a comprehensive information suite on all subjects relevant to the service community in a timely manner.

Interested in Volunteering?
Community Support is continually seeking volunteers who can assist in the running of community facilities, groups and activities. If you are interested in helping please contact OC Community Support or why not pop into the HIVE to find out more.

Keep up to date with what is going on:
Please keep up to date with what is going on by checking out the Community Support Facebook page or the Marhamhub website. The Community Support Monthly Programme is also a good source of information about what is going on and is delivered each month to all SFA with Marham Matters, the Station magazine, as well as being available in the HIVE all of the Community Centres.

Community Support Fight Hours

Community Support Fight Hours


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