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Force Development Squadron (FDS)

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Force Development Squadron's (FDS) (Formerly TSS) role is to provide facilities and services aimed at developing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel, at all levels, through supporting on-the-job training, personnel development training and general Service training, both at RAF Marham and its parented units.

Training Development (TDF)
Training Development Flight functions to provide the following services: Assessment of training development needs. FDS staff monitor training development needs through a series of visits, meetings and audits. OC FDS and the Training Officers regularly visit sections to assess instructional techniques, assess audio visual resources and to provide advice and guidance as required. Regular training meetings are held on a functional basis bringing together representatives from sections involved in similar work and training practices (for example all aircraft engineers).

FDS houses 3 classrooms and a seminar room, each is fitted with whiteboards, OHP and TV/Video equipment. A fourth room is fully equipped with a networked computer suite utilised by the local college for day and evening tutored courses.

FDS operates a loan pool of audio visual training equipment including Laptop Computers, LCD Projectors, 35mm projectors, OHPs, TV/Video combinations and VHS / SVHS / Digital Video & Digital Cameras. Details of the equipment available may be obtained from the TD Clerk on Ext 7495.

FDS provides courses in training and development related subjects. In addition to a regular programme of locally produced pre-commissioning and leadership courses, on-the-job training techniques, and presentation skills courses, there are a number of staff development courses presented by external providers.

NVQ Assessors and Modern Apprrenticeship Co-ordinators (MACs)
Modern Apprenticeship Co-ordinators (MACs) based at RAF Marham carry out 12 weekly reviews on all SAC (Tech) personnel from RAF Cosford training school who, are registered on a Modern Apprenticeship framework. These reviews are a mandatory requirement of the Learning Skills Councils who fund the MA (Modern Apprentice) scheme. We are the point of contact for all MA queries, and act as advisors for the NVQ, Key Skills, and BTEC National Certificate element of the MA.

RAF Marham has 6 Trade group 1, 2, and 3, NVQ Assessors. Their primary role is to assess portfolios for SAC(T) Modern Apprentices. All assessors are A1 qualified and will assist in the completion of this part of their MA element.

Regional Resettlement Adviser (RRA)
The Regional Resettlement Adviser (RRA) is a lodger Unit located within Force Development Squadron at RAF Marham and provides guidance to Service-leavers to ease their transition to civilian life and assist in finding employment. Eligible personnel are interviewed at 2 years and again at 9 months prior to leaving the Service. The RRA is based at RAF Marham on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and also covers RAF Coltishall and RAF Honington on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Advice and guidance may be sought at any time by contacting the Resettlement and Education Co-ordinator. E-mail .

Resettlement and Education Co-ordinator (REC)
The Resettlement and Education Co-ordinator (REC) provides advice and information on courses and examinations which form part of an individual's personal development. These include Open University, the Forces Distance learning Scheme, Open Learning opportunities, Adult Education courses, examinations and nationally recognized qualifications. Periodically, support staff from the local College of West Anglia visit the Force Development Squadron to provide Station personnel with information on learning opportunities within their own establishment.

The Learning Centre
Learning Centre Resource Room
The Learning Centre Resource Room has 3 computers which may be used for personal development purposes (completing educational assignments, homework, CV writing etc). There is also a selection of programmes loaded onto these computers including Auto-route Express, Encarta World Atlas and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Other resources include reference materials, magazines and periodicals, college prospectuses, resettlement / careers support materials and a place for quiet study. We also have a selection of self-study language packages that may be taken out on loan. If we do not have the language you require, we may be able to acquire it for you.

Electronic Learning Suite (ELS)
The Electronic Learning Suite (ELS) offers a wide range of interactive computer courses that include the MOD ECDL (studying and examinations), Powerpoint and various technical courses. Defence Business Learning (DB Learning) management and business courses are also available, for further information contact ELS Administrator Ext 7167.

There is also a Learndirect Centre situated within the ELS who offer various courses online, for example, CLAIT, ECDL, ILM (Introductory Certificate in First Line Management) and Basic Skills Courses including the new Numeracy and Literacy City & Guild tests. Learndirect also offer the Futures programme which provides a free on-line career guidance tool. For further information on Learndirect courses contact Learndirect Clerks on Ext 7292.

It has 16 PCs operating a wide range of computer based training software packages for Service and MOD personnel and dependants. Training is provided in basic computer skills, application operation (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc). Furthermore, the facility has 2 PCs which provide training in management and office skills. Details of all courses on offer may be obtained from the ELS Administrator Tony Payne on Ext 7167. e-mail

The ELS provides free Internet facilities for learning or resettlement purposes.

Personal Learning Advisor (PLA)
The Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) offers a learning guidance service and is also the Station point of contact for specific learning difficulties (dyslexia). For further information contact PLA Ext 7162.

Learning Centre staff will provide advice and information on courses and examinations which form part of an individual's personal development. These include Open University, the Forces Distance learning Scheme, Open Learning opportunities, Adult Education courses, examinations and nationally recognized qualifications. Information and advice is also available in respect of the new Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme. For further details contact the Learning Centre Staff on Ext 7162 / 7291/6119.

Regiment Flight (Stn Regt Flt)
The Station Regt Flt is responsible for all aspects of Survive To Operate (STO) advice and training at RAF Marham and RAF Holbeach. Essentially this covers the basic ground defence training given to all Service personnel and includes the annual Common Core Skills (CCS) testing package which deals with small arms, first aid and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) defence training.

Additionally, specialist teams are trained for guard duties, light rescue and incident control both for incidents at RAF Marham and in preparation for any operational deployments the Station may be called upon to support.

Lastly, but by no means least, the Station Regt Flt is responsible for the training of the Station's Ceremonial Squadron.

Physical Education Flight (PEd Flt)

PEd Flight

Station Fitness Centre - The Gymnasium
The PEd Flight can be contacted on ext 7937 or Ext 7094.

The Fitness Centre is situated between SHQ and the Officers' Mess. It was refurbished in 1997 and is now an excellent facility, which attempts to mirror facilities and standards of our civilian counterparts. Access to the facility outside normal duty hours is by swipe card. During normal working hours, the front doors are open, which allows personnel to seek advice, and attend a swipe card health and safety brief. Although, there is no charge to use the fitness centre, dependants under the age of 18 yrs old are to be supervised, and it is recommended that all dependants and all MOD employed civilians ensure that they have accidental sports insurance cover.

The PEd staff provides circuit-training sessions at various times. These sessions are varied in difficulty and content, but most importantly cater for all standards both male and female.

Should you prefer to workout alone, then the fitness suite is equipped with a magnificent range and quantity of the latest equipment, which includes:

Jogging Machines, steppers, elliptical machines, rowers, upright bikes, recumbent bike, stepmill machine, abdominal rollers, resistance training machines and free weights. Should anyone require a personal fitness plan or merely an explanation on how to use the machines, then this can be arranged via an appointment on Ext 7937 / 7094.

Details of all station sports clubs can be found in the main foyer of the Fitness Centre, as can details of adventure training courses and 5-day Sports and Official Courses. Ancillary facilities include: Squash Courts; booking sheets in courts, Astroturf and hard Tennis Courts, and an Astroturf floodlit hockey / football pitch.

The nearest swimming pools are at either Downham Market or at King's Lynn.

PEd Flight

PEd Flight

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Tutor-Led Force Development Computer Courses

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