Forward Support Wing

Forward Logistics Squadron (FLS)

Forward Logistics Squadron (FLS)

Officer Commanding Forward Logistics Squadron (FLS)
Commanded by a Squadron Leader Supply Officer (Movements qualified). OC Forward Logistics Squadron (FLS) is responsible for providing operational logistics support to the Tornado GR4 and Canberra fleet based at RAF Marham and deployed worldwide.  Fwd Logs Sqn also provides domestic support to the Stn and SFA used by RAF Marham personnel. OC FLS commands 270 personnel, spread across 3 flts, along with a Squadron WO to manage the logistics task, the Squadron is structured as follows:

The mission of Forward Logistics Squadron
‘To deliver optimised and effective logistics capability to enable the flying sqns, 138 EAW, Station personnel and Depth Wing to meet their commitments whilst striving for continued emprovment, and minimising the logistics footprint.’

Core outputs of Forward Logistics Squadron
• To proactively manage, store and distribute sufficient ac spares to enable II (AC) Sqn, IX (B) Sqn, XIII Sqn and 31 Sqn to meet their flying task.
• The provision, storage and delivery of sufficient aviation and ground fuels to enable the Marham Wing to meet its flying task.
• The provision of Mobility support to the Marham Wing, 138 EAW and lodger units
• To generate logistical EAW modules within prescribed readiness timescales.

WO IC Forward Logistics Squadron
The Fwd Logs Sqn WO, a Supply WO, is responsible to OC Fwd Logs Sqn for the manning, standards and discipline of all personal in Fwd Logs Sqn; encompassing 3 different trades; TG18A, TG18b and TG6. He is also the Sqn Logistics Quality Advisor acting as the focal point and co-ordinator for all quality assurance matters. Assisted by a SNCO responsible for training, this Sgt is responsible for the training and development of new Supply personnel and ensures that through a structured training programme these new recruits obtain an operational performance standard before being promoted to SAC. The Squadron WO also commands the Fwd Logs Sqn Admin office.

Logistics Operations & Mobility Flight (LOMF)
Commanded by a Flt Lt Supply Officer, the incumbent is the deputy Sqn Cdr and is responsible for the sustaining aircraft based at RAF Marham and deployed on Operations and Exercises. The Flight comprises the following sections:

Supply Control & Accounting Section (SCAS)
SCAS are responsible for the integrity of the Supply Account at RAF Marham in accordance with National Audit Office regulations.  OC LOMF is also the prime budget holder for the Sqn and the Section is comprised of seven main areas:

Voucher Progression Cell
The Voucher Progression Cell is primarily responsible for the preparation and maintenance of Supply Account documantation for audit purposes.

Discrepancy Reports
This cell looks after the progression and clearance of discrepancy reports raised against this Unit for errors in equipment received or dispatched.

Inventory Cell / Stocktaking
Looks after in excess of 500 Station inventories that are held on the main computer system.  Responsible for ensuring mandated checks are carried out and investigating inventory discrepancies.  Managing the Station stocktaking programme ensuring all items are stock checked over a four-year cycle.

Station Publications & Forms Store (SPFS)
SPFS is the focal point for ordering and accounting for the Stations stationary requirements; this range includes office machinery, consumables, photocopiers, forms and publication requirements.

Low Value Purchase
Responsible for purchasing items that are not available through the supply system.  This cell also manages a number of budgets on behalf of OC LOMF.

Central Demand Cell
Responsible for placing demands through the main supply computer system, and for hastening for delivery forcasts.  This area also deals with requests for the local manufacture of equipment and ordering of storage media.

A4 Logistics Operations (A4 Log Ops)
The A4 Log Ops Cell is responsible for the daily management for mission critical spares requirements for Marham based aircraft.  High priority spares are vetted, placed, controlled and progressed to meet engineering requirements.

The Mobility section plans and co-ordinates the movement of all passengers and freight by air road and sea, as directed by operational and exercise requirements of the Marham based Sqns. Also as directed by Air Command they offer deploy-ability expertise and mobility manpower to other force elements within the East Anglia region, most notably the RAF Regiment at RAF Honington. Mobility is also responsible for the Air Transport deployment planning and coordinating of outloads from TAS.

Material Management Flight (MMF)
Commanded by a Flt Lt Supply Officer, who is responsible for providing first line support and deploy-ability to the Marham Sqns. The flight comprises the following sections:

Southside Stockholding Group (SHG)
SHG is responsible for comprehensive, direct supply support to all RAF Marham flying Sqns operating small supply stores onver on the south side of the airfield. On detachments it is the Sqn suppliers that deploy with the Sqns wherever possible.
Receipt and Dispatch Section (R&D)
R&D is responsible for the movement of freight, both in and out of the Stn, in support of RAF global commitments, dealing with both military and civilian transport agencies in compliance with a wide range of transportation regulations. A 24-hour operation it handles military surface movements schedules and contractors deliveries in support of Forward and Depth.

Central Stockholding Section (CSS)
CSS encompasses the day-to-day issue, receipt and storage of a comprehensive range of spares and equipment. The main store is located within the FLS HQ building, with outlying bulk sheds for larger items such as vehicle tyres. (Additionally, a salvage compound is controlled by R&D for the collection and disposal of both surplus and scrap equipment.
MMF are also responsible for the store located within MEGS. This store is responsible for the first line needs of GEF and predominantly the requirements of MTMS. The store manages daily all priority requirements for mission critical vehicles reporting through the Station Logistics operations cell.

Forward Delivery Service
Forward Delivery distributes items received in R&D. or those that require distribution between the stockholding groups. Forward Delivery also delivers to non-supply sections as required.

Fuels and Lubricants Section (F&L)

Domestic Supply Section
Commanded by OC MMF, all the staff are civilian suppliers. WO MMF himself is responsible for a variety of Domestic contracts including carpet fitting, pest control, accommodation cleaning, waste disposal and carpet and window cleaning. The section comprises 2 areas:

Barrack Stores
Barrack stores is responsible for providing all of the domestic furnishing, carpets and curtains for the Station technical buildings plus the full range of furniture for some 647 Family Quarters. Barrack Stores also offers a counter service "shop" for items to be obtained direct from the store. A laundry/dry-cleaning store operates from the rear of DSF and this store also provides bedding for living in personnel.

Clothing Stores
Clothing stores provides a full range of 'blue' uniform, combat clothing (CS 95) and accoutrements, KD prestige uniform, desert, tropical and arctic clothing along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ceremonial items and a Tailoring facility for all entitled personnel. The Store also provides clothing for six Air Training Corps Squadrons parented by RAF Marham.

Mechanical Transport Operations Flight (MT)
Commanded by a Fg Off/Flt Lt Supply officer (MT qualified). Mechanical Transport Operations Flight is responsible for all Mechanical Transport (MT) operations in support of the Station including supporting Exercises and Operations worldwide. The permanent Station fleet amounts to nearly 400 vehicles operated by both Service and civilian drivers: this fleet is augmented by on-the-spot hires of vehicles of all natures around the world. MT Ops Flt comprises four sections: Airfield Support MT, MT Trade Training and Licensing, the Complete Equipment Store and MT Control. Airfield Support MT provides all manner of support to the airfield operations of the Station from refueling aircraft to the clearance of snow and ice. MT Trade Training and Licensing is responsible for investigating road traffic accidents involving MT vehicles, the promotion of road safety and the co-ordination of all driver training for personnel at RAF Marham. MT Control is the hub of daily operations for Mechanical Transport Operations Flight, providing 24-hour support, 365 days a year. The Complete Equipment Store supports the other sections of the Flight ensuring that all first line servicing of vehicles is completed correctly to ensure maximum fleet availability.

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