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RAF Marham Lean Team

RAF Marham Lean Team
There is much talk about the new Forward and Depth Organizations that have, or will be affecting RAF Marham during the next few months. This newsletter is aimed to give a general overview of what has, or will be happening at RAF Marham.

Forward & Depth
So firstly just a recap about what is meant by the terms Forward and Depth.

The End to End (E2E) Study recommended that RAF units should adopt a 'Forward' and 'Depth' Organization to replace the existing traditional 1st, 2nd 3rd, and 4th lines.

Forward is defined as those logistic processes and functions that are focused on, and/or provide immediate support to the operating environment, or are optimized effectively best Forward. Forward will be managed by STC with an emphasis on operational effectiveness.

Depth is defined as those logistic processes and functions that underpin the support of platforms and associated equipment or, by their nature, are optimized efficiently best in Depth. Depth will be managed by the Defence Logistics Organization (DLO), possibly in partnership with Industry.

Deployable Depth
The current situation needs 2nd Line support during Operations and Detachments; this support will also be required when we switch to Forward/Depth. So Depth will need to have a deployable element, which will be known as Deployable Depth. Work is on going to explore how the logistic elements of a station could transform to satisfy the requirements of Forward and Depth.

Flying Squadrons
The Trenchard Study is, in part, looking at options for the future model that Flying Sqns will adopt. This study is still on going and when a decision is made and implemented, it is likely to have a major impact on Marham.

Forward LEAN Activities
There is much LEAN activity going on around the Station, the majority of which has been in the 2nd Line (or depth) areas, and has been well publicised in the LEAN Times, the RAF Marham Stations LEAN Team newsletter.

The LEAN Team at RAF Lossiemouth has been concentrating on Forward LEAN activities such as:
- Performance Management
- Single man See-In/See Off
- Flight Servicing
- Fault Diagnosis
- Primary Work Flow
- Deployable Footprint.
However, this workload is now being shared out around all the Tornado Units. At present 31 Squadron are trialing the Performance Management System, and IX (B) Sqn have trialed the 'LEANED' Primary Workflow Procedure.

More Fwd LEAN initiatives are being looked at and Marham will probably take the lead in the following areas:
- Engineering Operations and Flying Programs.
- Aircraft Tasking.
- Aircraft Allocation - inc Role changes and preparation.
- Inter-Unit tasking - inc Land-Away ac and ac u/s away from Station.
- AP Amendments - inc F760 action.

The Flying Squadrons and Forward Support Squadrons will therefore be getting more and more involved. The Forward LEAN Plan is in the process of being drafted and will be promulgated as soon as possible.

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