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Media & Communication Officer (MCO)

Media & Communication Officer (MCO)
The Media & Communication Officer (formerly Community Relations Officer (CRO)) at RAF Marham is located on the ground floor of Station Headquarters. The role of the MCO is to ensure that our Service and Civilian staff, together with the wider general public, have the widest possible understanding of the role of the Royal Air Force and RAF Marham in particular.

The Royal Air Force has a number of key themes in its defence mission. These are that the Royal Air Force is a force for good, defending UK interests and making the world a safer place. The RAF maintains a modern force, cares for its people and contributes to its local communities. Finally, we respect the environment and make every effort to be as efficient as we can by making the best use of every pound of the defence budget.

Media & Communication Office staff
The MCO and Deputy MCO are responsible for fostering good relations with our local communities, ensuring that information is efficently communicated internally and externally, identifying positive engagement opportunities, and dealing with requests from the media (National & Local) and the public. The MCO also deal with Flying Complaints which occur in the RAF Marham area.

Graphics Officer and Station Internet Webmaster (External Website)
The Graphics Officer on the Station is established primarily to support Operations, Management, Visits and Training tasks. Powerpoint presentations, OHP slides, maps, plans and artwork for printing are produced and the office also gives advice on Graphic related matters. This is the first point of contact for external printing requests.

The Graphics post also assists the Community Support Squadron and Media Communications Officer with advertising and reporting visits and Station activities and issues that may affect the local community, via the internet and local poster advertising, reporting to the MCO.

The Graphics Officer is also the Station Internet Webmaster and works closely with the Station Intranet (MarhamNet) Webmaster, which are both updated on a daily basis.

Military Low Flying
The topic of military aircraft low flying generates opinions at both ends of the opinion spectrum. This office carries out the initial investigation into any low flying or noise complaints received here. Moreover, under the terms of the contemporary 'Open Government' policy we also answer the many requests for information from members of the public and media on RAF activities in general.

Flying Complaints Link

Marham Matters Monthly Magazine
The Media & Communication Team at RAF Marham produce a monthly magazine called 'Marham Matters'. The magazine is a useful tool to inform the whole RAF Marham community of what is going on, so if you have a story to tell or want to advertise your clubs social events please contact us on Ext 6739.

Her Majesty The Queen Honorary Air Commodore to RAF Marham
During the Silver Jubilee year of Her Majesty the Queen's Coronation, it was decided that senior members of the Royal family would be appointed as Honorary Air Commodores of Royal Air Force Stations, to which they had close association.

The close proximity of the Sandringham Estate to RAF Marham, and the frequent use of the Station's airfield for the arrival and departure of Royal aircraft, meant that a close association between the two had already been forged.

Her Majesty the Queen was appointed as Honorary Air Commodore to RAF Marham on 11 June 1977 and has officially visited the Station in that capacity once every two years since her appointment.

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