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Memory 10 - Howard Hewer - 218 Sqn - 1941-1942

Howard Hewer - 218 Sqn Wireless Operator

As an RCAF Sgt Wop/AG, I was posted to 218 Sqn (Wellingtons) Marham from 15 OTU Harwell in August, 1941.With my crew from OTU - Capt P/O Langley, Co-pilot Sgt Ted Crosswell (Edgeware, London), Nav Len Mayer (North Wiggin), Rear Gunner George Fuller (London) all RAF, and Front Gunner Willy Poirier RCAF. A screen pilot Sgt Banks replaced P/O Langley and we commenced ops in Aug.- Le Havre, Cologne, Berlin, Karlsruhe, etc.- ad op to Cologne - had to land West Malling. Kent using Darkie procedure.

New pilot in October, 1941- Sgt William Dixon, RCAF, (Ottawa, Canada) and left UK (from Harwell) with new crew 1 Dec for Egypt and 148 Sqn. Sadly, Willy Poirier was lost with 419 Sqn (RCAF 6 Grp) on 12 Feb 42 on raid on Scharnhorst and Gneisenau battle cruisers in Channel, and Len Mayer was lost with 218 Sqn from Marham 5 May,42.

Bill Dixon and I attended reunion of 148 Sqn held at Marham in 1993. In August, 1941, the CO of Marham Station was G/C Combe of long-range Wellesley fame, and later CO of 21 OTU Pershore where I instructed on screen tour in 1943. I stayed in RCAF after war and retired a Wing Cdr in 1972. I now live in retirement in Toronto, Canada.

Memories of Marham

ISBN: 077373273x Published: September 2000 by Stoddart Publishing

My book, In For A Penny-In For A Pound, Stoddart Publishing Co., Toronto covers my career, with the Marham experience in detail, etc. It is available for sale in the UK. I am gratified that it has become a best seller of its genre.

Howard Hewer

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