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Memory 19 - Lt Frank E Sheldon - 509th Air Refuelling Squadron - 1952

Lt Frank E Sheldon - Memories of RAF Marham 1952

The summer of 1952, the RAF received B-29s at Marham. I was flying (aircraft commander) in-flight refueling with the 509th Air Refueling Squadron on temporary duty at Upper Heyford.

7th Air Division meeting in London with the RAF made the decision this exchange of B-29s to the RAF should be accompanied by an exchange of flight crew personnel to assist in the flight training. I was assigned to fly with a Squadron at Marham.

My KB-29P dropped me off mid field. Walking toward the flight line, I was amazed to see a long line of British Military personnel startled as they looked at our plane.

"Will you be sending us some like that?" was a question I was asked, looking back as my plane turned to take off. "Do we get cannons like those!?!"

Ours was one of the first boom B-29s for refueling replacing the B-29Ms which had copied the British hose refueling we'd used prior to this.

It was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my tour with the Strategic Air Command to have flown with RAF Bomber Crews and lived with them during those two weeks.

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