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Memory 9 - 7513th AirSptSqn USAF 1950-1951

Dr E Duane Meyer, 7513th AirSptSq, USAF, 1950-51

I arrived at RAF Marham, assigned to the USAF's 7513th Air Support Squadron's Air Police unit. I worked in the Provost Marshal's Office for a couple of months, and then moved to the third floor of the Base Hq building, to work for the Squadron CO. The Air Police were responsible for guarding the B-50s of the 93rd Bomb Wing that spent 90 days at Marham, and then rotated to the US. They had nuclear capability, and the air police guarded the pre-fab building on the other side of the field where capsules were "worked on." The USAF mess hall was on the right side, first floor, of the building opposite station headquarters, beyond the parade field. I have film of an RAF parade, taken from the roof of Station Headquarters, on a parade Saturday. It includes the Padre leading a prayer, after non-believers were ordered to fall out, to the edge of the field. I lived in a brick barracks, # 104, as I recall. The base movie theater was the "Astra Cinema," a very chilly metal building near Hanger # 5, as I recall. The base hobby shop was immediately behind the Station Hq, and had an active model-building group. I had several very good RAF friends, and used to join them in the NAAFI in the evening. It was located on the left end, first floor, next to the USAF Mess Hall.

Eventually, we moved from Marham to RAF Station West Drayton, to support a new photo reconnaissance unit, and no USAF personnel were left at Marham.

I would like to visit RAF Marham in the near future, since it provides me many pleasant memories, as do my visits to this website.

Dr. E. Duane Meyer
Upper Montclair, NJ, USA

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