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RAF Marham Meteorological Office

The Meteorological Office at RAF Marham

Part of the Operations Wing and located in its own building to the North of Air Traffic Control, the Meteorological Office at RAF Marham serves to provide Tornado Squadrons and visiting aircraft, with military aviation weather forecasting, observing and tactical environmental support.

Staffed by a joint team of Royal Navy and United Kingdom Met. Office civilian staff, weather services are available 24/7 and normally delivered from early morning to the end of night flying. The duty forecaster is responsible for the analysis and communication of all air safety and tactical weather information, making use of the latest technology, numerical weather prediction, worldwide weather reports, surface and upper air observations, satellite and radar information to meet operational requirements. Assisting the aviation forecasters, the weather observers' main job is to maintain a permanent watch on the weather; producing hourly and special reports (consisting of wind direction/speed, weather, visibility, cloud, temperatures and pressure) which are passed to Air Traffic Control and transmitted to the Met. Office HQ at Exeter in Devon for onward transmission around the world.

In the near future the new Lightning II aircraft will be based at RAF Marham and in addition to deploying to areas of conflict around the world, they will embark in the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier so the need for accurate weather forecasting, ashore and afloat will become even greater.

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