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Operations Support Squadron

Operations Support Squadron

The Squadron is divided in to 3 flights:

•   Operations Support Flight
•   Marham A5 Cell
•   Station Intelligence Flight

Operations Support Squadron is comprised of Operations Support Flight, Marham A5 Cell (MA5C) and Station Intelligence Flight and is located in the Operations Wing Headquarters building. 

Operations Support Flight is responsible for running Station Operations and Flight Planning.  Station Operations is the co-ordination centre for all aircraft movements (home based and visitors) on the airfield.  The Operations staff also act as a focal point/point of contact for other operations and exercises being conducted on Station.  A Duty Operations Officer and Flight Operations Assistants are on-call out of normal working hours to deal with any airfield/operational related matters. The Flight Planning staffs input all NOTAMS on to TAMPA for RAF Marham, RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Leeming, produce the Stn daily Nav Brief and update the Reds and Greens Programme amongst other tasks. 

MA5C coordinates the RAF Marham squadrons’ requirements with 1 Gp tasking to streamline the Operations and Exercise planning process.  The section is broken into 2 distinct areas; the Planning Coordination Cell is responsible for the weekly planning meeting with squadron programmers and Senior Engineering Officers, the coordination, display and dissemination of the Squadron flying programs and coordination of all Air Land Integration through HQ 1 Gp and with receiver Units.  The Deployment Coordination Cell is responsible for coordination of Wing Exercise and the Detachment Planner; it provides assistance to Squadrons in Exercise and Detachment planning and liaises through Air Command for coordination/notification of Exercise & Detachment planning. 

Station Intelligence Flight is responsible for the provision of timely, all-source, fused intelligence to the Station Commander, Executives and Marham Force Elements. This involves maintaining liaison with intelligence staff across the RAF, Permanent Joint Headquarters and MoD Defence Intelligence Service. 

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