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Personnel Management Squadron (PMS)

Personnel Management Squadron (PMS)
PMS is based on the first floor of Station Headquarters (SHQ). Comprising 3 sections, Personnel Services Flight, P1 and Civilian Personnel, the Squadron is responsible for providing the personnel and accounting support to all Marham's Service and civilian personnel. As we hope to show, however, we can offer an information service to families as well.

Personnel Services Flight (PSF)
The highly qualified staff provide a range of services from the production and administration of personnel documentation, processing and staffing of annual appraisal reports, to giving advice on career management, leave and pay. OC PSF is responsible for the overall production and processing of applications for Preferential Treatment, compassionate casework and the staffing of applications to the RAF Benevolent Fund when families are in need of extra support.

Welfare plays a large part in the work of PSF and we act as the focal point for welfare matters for Service personnel and families. Our staff liaise with all of the Service and many civilian welfare agencies and where necessary, ensure that specialist advice is available. We work hard to ensure that the families of detached personnel are contacted regularly; organising Deployment Briefings on the first working Monday of each month for families whose Service member has been detached for more than 30 days, sending out Newsletters, providing and liaising with the voluntary welfare agencies, like the HIVE, to keep families up-to-date with all stn activities of a welfare nature.

General Duties Flight
General Duties Flight (GD Flt) is responsible for the provision of registry, post room and duplicating services. RAF Marham boasts its own Ceremonial Squadron which is administered by the Station Warrant Officer and which participates in a large number of civic events throughout the County. Honours and Awards ceremonies are also the responsibility of this Flt. GD Flt is located in Building 22, Station Headquarters.

Accommodation Cell
Junior Ranks accommodation at RAF Marham is controlled by the Accommodation Cell.
training enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to Sgt Rod Hemming, Catering Trainer, on Ext 7657.

Community development asks the most fundamental question of all - What sort of community do we want?
Over the last 3 years, numerous questionnaires, surveys and focus groups have taken place in order for us to ensure that we have an individual, bespoke assessment of our community's needs, wants and aspirations, this assessment is key to the successful integration of RAF Marham within the local community.

New Arrivals Initiative
We issue a handy booklet to all new arrivals at RAF Marham, with the aim of helping personnel new to the Station and surrounding area by providing a "mentor" to show them what the local area has to offer.

"This handbook has been prepared to provide essential information to those of you who have been posted to RAF Marham".

It includes the following information:
• Details of your Mentor / Flt / Sqn Cdr
• Amenities Location Plan
• RAF Marham Facilities - Sports / Clubs
• Local Area Map
• Local Transport - Taxis & Buses
• New Arrival Check List
• Local Attractions
• Useful Telephone Numbers

"In addition to an induction at work it is essential that personnel new to RAF Marham are given a full and comprehensive introduction to the facilities on the Station and in the local area. A mentor has been nominated to assist you in achieving this during your first few weeks".

Detachment Handbook - Foreword by the Station Commander
"I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Royal Air Force Marham, one of the biggest front-line stations in the Royal Air Force, and home of the Royal Air Force's premier Reconnaissance Wing. We are located in West Norfolk, in an open and agricultural region with friendly local people and a wide range of places of interest, including beaches, historic towns and villages and the cities of Norwich, Cambridge and Peterborough within an hours drive. The Station itself has been progressively modernised, including our single and families accommodation and provides some excellent facilities. As you will see from this booklet, we are well equipped to meet the needs of our Service personnel and families and we look forward to welcoming you amongst us".

Detachment Handbook
This handbook has been prepared to provide essential information to the families and dependants of personnel detached from RAF Marham.

It includes the following information:
• Details of the individual Detached / Nominated Squadron Contact
• Departure Checklist
• Contacting Personnel on Detachment
• Contacting the RAF
• What to do in an Emergency
• Family Facilities
• Welfare & Support Agencies
• Useful Telephone Numbers

RAF Marham has a well-staffed and experienced Administrative team that recognises the need for additional support when personnel are deployed. Many staff have themselves been deployed, they can therefore readily appreciate the problems and trials that may occur when routines of family life or relationships are disrupted. Staff are available to provide a wealth of advice and information, so please do not hesitate to contact us. If we cannot solve a problem directly then we will invariably be able to contact other agencies better equipped to meet your requirements. This booklet was designed to help you. If you find any item confusing or have suggestions for improvement, please contact OC PSF on Ext: 7489.

Co-located with PSF is the P1 Flight. They are responsible for the administration of all disciplinary matters on Station such as Orderly Rooms and Courts-Martial, as well as providing advice on Civil legal proceedings. They also deal with applications for identification cards, including those for dependants, applications for part time employment by Service personnel whilst off duty and they can advise personnel selected for jury service. A more popular part of their role is the initial staffing of Honours and Awards and applications for Campaign medals.

Community Support Flight
The Community Support Flight comprises both RAF Marham Community Support and the HIVE and is manned by OC Community Support Flight, the SCSO, Community Support Assistant and HIVE Information Officer.

Civilian Personnel
Located on the first floor of SHQ, the primary role of the Civilian Personnel Office to provide advice and guidance to management to ensure the smooth running of those areas which require civilian support. Fundamentally, such advice will encompass recruitment policy, pay, contractual conditions of employment, discipline and superannuation benefits and is comparable to the role of any Personnel Office throughout industry.

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