Quality and Continuous Improvement Team (QCIT)

Quality and Continuous Improvement Team (QCIT)

QCIT provides 3 key functions to support all activities both at RAF Marham and for deployed Tornado operations and exercises.

Quality Assurance (QA)
The Quality System Co-ordinator (QSC) leads a small team to administer the Quality Management System (QMS) on station. The QMS enables processes and procedures to be regularly audited in line with a programme of Self Quality Audits (SQAs) and Internal Quality Audits (IQAs). The auditing programme is supported by a reporting culture using Quality Occurrence Reports (QORs) and an Aviation Error Management System (AEMS)/Quality Issue (QI) form which provides a method of instigating investigations in to Aviation Safety and QA concerns across station. Similarly, trending of the audit information affords opportunities to identify any developing quality themes which can then be quickly addressed. The status of the QMS is formally reported bi-annually to station executives at the Unit Quality Review Meeting and assessed externally by the HQ Air Command External Quality Audit Team.

Continuous Improvement (CI)
CI is prominent at RAF Marham to identify and realise the benefits of improved methods of working, which is paramount in the current climate of reducing resource and manpower across Defence. Once a Process Owner (PO) has identified that an area under their responsibility requires scrutiny for improvement, the trained facilitators in the CI Team can aid the PO to document their aims and objectives for the CI Event, to help identify stakeholders and to assist in the preparation of the event. Using an array of CI tools the CI Team will facilitate the event to enable the stakeholders to identify their hurts and issues, document their current process state and then populate an action plan to reach the desired future state. The success of an event will be measured by the CI Team using a programme of Sustainment Audits and assistance is continually available throughout the process should advice be requested or further CI opportunities identified. Further, the information captured on the AEMS/QI forms is also a valuable source by which to exploit CI opportunities at every level across station.

Aviation Error Management (AEM)
A small team work in conjunction with the Station Flight Safety Officer within the Air Safety Cell (ASC). Whilst the focus historically has been on Aviation Safety, a developing programme is in place at RAF Marham which will also encompass the Functional Safety elements, Health and Safety for example, to form an overarching Total Safety construct. A key QCIT contribution to the ASC is the role of the Station Error Management System Co-ordinator (SEMSCo) who is responsible for the Defence Aviation Error Management System (DAEMS) which ensures that Aviation Safety occurrences are reported, investigated and reviewed according to the regulations. This role also provides opportunity to capture and trend information regarding near-misses and incidents through the AEMS/QI reporting mechanism which can then be used to promote and enhance the Total Safety ethos on station.

Originator: QCIT Dep OC
Dated: 23 Aug 2012

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