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RAF Police at RAF Marham

RAFP Police 6 Sqn Badge Royal Air Force Police at RAF Marham

RAF Police Mission Statement
To provide focused Police, Counter Intelligence and protective Security Support, To enable Commanders to Deliver Effective military Capability.

No 6 RAFP Mission Statement
To provide Enabling Policing and Security Services to Stations and Units within the Squadron AOR, simultaneously supporting the higher-formation mission statements.

2 Police Wing Mission Statement
To provide focused Police, Counter Intelligence and Protective Security Support, to Air Command and Joint Helicopter Command Stations and Units, that will limit the vulnerables of material, information and personnel to threats from organizations and individuals whose action may inhibit commanders from delivering effective military capability.

To generate, for deployed operations, Force Elements that are suitably equipped, trained and with integral leadership.

We provide crime reduction advice to Service Personnel and their dependants, and work closely with both the Civilian Police and Ministry of Defence Police to reduce crime in the Family Quarters areas.

Police activities include: criminal intelligence; investigations; crime reduction; police dogs; counter terrorist search; liaison and Air Transportation Security, and, particularly, reassurance policing through patrolling.

Please remember,RAF Police dogs are trained to bite!

RAF Police dog teams patrol during quiet hours to deter, detect, react, and where appropriate, give chase to and restrain an intruder. If a dog handler approaches you, stand still and obey the handler's commands.

Counter Intelligence involves: the provision of security intelligence in support of Counter Terrorism and Counter Espionage activity, and to counter the range of other threats which face the Royal Air Force; collation of intelligence and dissemination of threat assessments; investigations; and counter intelligence operations, as well as support to such operations, for example computer forensics. Counter Intelligence also supports Security Vetting and issues relating to Protectively Marked material.

A key element of our work is close liaison and exchange of information with landowners and those living in the immediate vicinity of RAF Marham to support the Security Vigilance Area concept.

Protective Security consists of Physical Security, Personnel Security, Information Security, including Information Assurance, and investigations.

Computer Security, in particular, is a fast-moving specialization, which includes countering virus threats, dealing with accreditation issues, and support to deployable IT.

If you see something which you think is suspicious you can help by reporting your concerns immediately to the RAF Police on ext 7227 or (Mobile) 07768 - 928467

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