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Regional Medical Centre (RMC)
Telephone : (01760) 337261 Ext 7226
Working Hours - Emergencies : Ext 222

Out of Hours - Emergencies
BT : (01603) 488488 (MEDICOM)
Life Threatening -999

















During Holidays/Grants/Stand-downs special clinic times may operate. All appointments are booked through Reception on a computerised appointment system.

The staff of the Regional Medical Centre can provide a full medical service to registered families. Unfortunately, the number of dependants that can be looked after by the medical centre is limited to 1,500. In addition, only family members living in Marham Family Quarters(FQ’s) are eligible for registration.

Regional Medical Centre Telephone Numbers:
Working Hours Contact Numbers:
Appointments BT : (01760) 337261 Ext 7226
Emergencies Only Direct Line to RMC Ext 222
Administration Office Manager Ext 6535
Practice Nurses Ext 7534 / 7023
Practice Manager Ext 7922
Deputy Practice Manager Ext 7849
Environmental Health Technician Ext 7515
Medical Stores & Pharmacy Ext 7021

Queen Elizabeth BT : (01553) 613613 (King's Lynn) Ask for : Maternity, Casualty, GU Clinic
Wisbech BT : (01945) 585781
Norfolk & Norwich (Norwich) BT : (01603) 286286
Addenbrooke's (Cambridge) BT : (01223) 245151

Hospital facilities are provided by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. Referral to hospital is arranged through the Medical Centre. Close liaison is also maintained with the Community Services such as the Community Midwives, Health Visitors, Community Psychiatric Service and Social Services.

It is essential that families living in quarters at RAF Marham register with either a civilian GP or the medical centre as soon as they arrive at RAF Marham. Their NHS medical records can then be obtained and addresses noted in case of emergency. Families who are eligible to register can do so at any time during normal working hours. If you have a NHS card or a record of your NHS number please bring it with you when you register. An appointment for a health screening will be offered at the time of registration.

The contact number for emergencies occurring on Station, during normal working hours is Ext 7226. Out of hours a doctor can be contacted through Norfolk Ambulance Service on 01603 488488. Please note this is NOT a '999' service and out of working hours it may be more appropriate to dial 999 for an immediate life threatening emergency such as severe chest pain, heavy bleeding or shortness of breath.NHS Direct can be accessed for advice at

Except for emergencies, patients are seen by appointment only. These can be made via Reception, either by telephoning Ext 7226 or by calling at the medical centre.

There is no parking immediately outside the Medical Centre and the road must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. However, there is no problem drawing up outside the front entrance to drop patients off. Cars should be parked in the main station car park from which there is a path leading to the Medical Centre. For cyclists a bicycle rack is provided to the rear of the Medical Centre. Please do not prop bicycles against the front of the Medical Centre.

A baby changing facility is provided in the female patients' toilet opposite the waiting room.

A ramp is provided at the front entrance to the Medical Centre for wheelchair access. A toilet is provided opposite the treatment room, for use by disabled persons.

Cancellation of Appointments
Please inform the Medical Centre as soon as possible if you are unable to keep any appointment so this slot may be used by others.

If you are late and completely miss your appointment slot, non urgent cases will be asked to rebook in order to prevent delays to all those patients who follow in the clinic. Please remember that missed appointments may prevent others from being seen that day.

Each appointment is allocated fifteen minutes. This allows enough time to deal with one problem per patient. If you feel you require longer, or have more than one problem to address please request a double appointment.

Home Visits
Please make every effort to get to the Medical Centre as facilities for examination and treatment are much better than on a home visit, but if you are too unwell to attend, telephone the Medical Centre on Ext 7226. Please give the staff as much information as possible to allow the doctor to assess the degree of urgency.

Repeat Prescriptions
Long-term medication is available through a computerised repeat prescription system. After your doctor has issued your medication for the first time, the pharmacy will give you a tear-off slip with the details of the items on repeat prescription for you. When you require your medication tick the box next to the item(s) you need and hand it into the pharmacy.

A minimum of 48 hours is required to process requests so please ensure that you do not run out of your medication. At the bottom of the request slip is a review date, medication cannot be issued by pharmacy after this date. Please see your doctor if further repeat prescriptions are required.

Practice Nurses
The nursing department are available by appointment to deal with a variety of problems, including the treament of minor illness and injury, phlebotomy, wound management verrucae/wart treatment, ear syringing, infant immunization and family planning advice.

In addition we are able to give specific health education on smoking cessation and other aspects of health and lifestyle.

Travel vaccination and immunization advice features prominently in the scope of our duties. When attending travel health appointments you are requested to bring any vaccination records you hold with you.

New borns requiring their primary immunization will need to be pronounced 'fit for Imms' at their 6 week check with the Dr prior to commencement of their vaccines. It is advisable to book the appointments-required at 2, 3 and 4 months - well in advance.

Well Woman Clinic
Our nurses in accordance with NHS Cervical Screening Programme guidelines run the well woman clinic. All women aged 20-64 yrs are invited to participate in the screening programme. Please state the reason when arranging this appointment to allow adequate time to be allocated.

Health Visitor
RAF Marham is covered by the Swaffham Health Visiting Team who provide a universal service to all families with a child aged 0 – 5 years.

The Health Visiting Team are Sue Christopher HV, Karen Williams HV, Lucy Jones HV and Rachel Holman HV along with our nursery nurses Jan Penniston and Natasha Townsend. We also have student health visitors working alongside us.

The named team for RAF Marham are – Karen Williams, Rachel Holman and Jan Penniston.

We are based at Swaffham Community Hospital and can be contacted Monday – Friday 0900 – 1700 on 01760 725305. If no one is available to answer your call please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Out of hours or in an emergency please contact your own Gp or NHS Direct on 0845 4647

We offer the Core Universal Programme to all families which includes –
An antenatal visit at approximately 36 weeks

New Birth visit/contact between 10 – 14 days

6 – 8 week mother and baby health/developmental review

8 – 10 month developmental review

2 – 2.5 years developmental review

All families are individually assessed and will receive visits according to their need

We run a baby clinic every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 09.30 – 11.30 at the Chaplaincy Centre just inside the main gates where you can have baby weighed, ask for support/advice and find out more information regarding our baby massage, movement in and weaning groups.

We work in partnership with Swaffham Childrens Centre and encourage you to register with their service. The Childrens Centre provide support and activities for families with children under the age of 5 years and visit RAF Marham on a weekly basis

Recipients should be aware that all E-Mails received or sent by this Trust are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and therefore may be disclosed to a third party.

Maternity Care
Maternity care is shared between the doctors, midwife and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn. This is organised through the Midwife. Antenatal booking examinations are taken at home, reviews are taken on Monday mornings, both by appointments. The Midwife organises Parent-Craft classes. The Midwife's office is located upstairs in the RMC. For MMR information visit :

Patients Charter

The Rights of the Patients:
All members of staff seek to improve the quality of care provided for their patients.
1. All patients will be able to consult a Medical Advisor within one working day, and there will be an adequate and responsive out of hours call out service. Acute situations will have priority and will be dealt with as soon as possible. Procedures will be carried out locally where practical.

2. The surgeries are clean and comfortable. They have good telephone access and patients will be treated with courtesy and respect. Patients should not have to wait more than 20 minutes for their appointments, without an adequate explanation.

3. Patients will be advised of the services available to them and they will have access to personal medical information as required by the (National) Patients Charter.

4. The Practice is committed to improving the long-term health of patients as a whole and contributing towards the aims of HM Government set out in the White Paper "Health of the Nation". The present range of in-house clinics will be maintained and the value of additional ones assessed and provided as the Medical Officers judge appropriate.

5. The Practice seeks to ensure that hospitals provide an efficient and effective service for patients with the minimum delay. The quality of their service will be monitored by consulting patients, other practices and the hospitals themselves. The Practice will recommend how improvements can be brought about and promote their implementation.

6. A nominated member of staff will be responsible for monitoring the performance of both the Practice and the hospitals, and will be available for consultation by patients.

7. Patients have the right to be involved in their own management and their wishes will be sought, particularly in the difficult area of terminal illness. Such wishes will be followed as far as possible.

The Responsibilities of the Patient:
1. All patients are responsible for their own health and that of their dependants. They should take action on the advice given, e.g. regarding not smoking, diet, exercise, etc.

2. Patients should attend promptly for their appointment, and advise the Practice if they wish to cancel it or are likely to be late.

3. When patients are unable to keep a hospital appointment it is imperative that they inform the appropriate department directly, as soon as possible. This will save wasting valuable appointment time, and be to the benefit of other patients.

4. If more than one member of the family wishes to see a doctor, patients should advise the practice so that an appointment of appropriate duration can be made.

5. Patients should always endeavour to consult the doctor at the surgery rather than ask for a home visit. This makes better use of the doctor's time and the wider facilities available, and enables him/her to deal with a greater number of patients effectively.

6. Some patients require more of the doctor's time than was anticipated when the original appointment was made. Patients waiting for their own appointment are asked to consider that on some future occasion they, too, may need more of the doctor's time and to act accordingly.

Complaints Procedure
We are proud of our practice and our staff. Nonetheless we recognize that problems may occasionally arise in the services our practice provides. Experience shows that the majority of problems are due to simple misunderstandings, please feel free to discuss your grievance with whoever you have been dealing with. If this proves unsatisfactory, or should you wish to make a complaint about us or our work, we have an Informal Complaints Procedure. You should initially contact the Practice Manager, either in person or in writing. If you have a problem, please raise the matter as soon as possible so that any investigation can be made while events are still fresh in everybody's mind. The RMC Complaints Manager is the Practice Manager.

In dealing with any complaints, we give the following undertakings:
1. We will acknowledge your complaint, in writing, within 2 working days of receipt.

2. We will make a written response to you within 10 working days.

3. We will ensure that you have the opportunity to discuss the problem with those concerned if you would like this. You may bring a friend or relative along with you, with your consent.

4. We will make sure you receive an apology, verbal or written as you request, where this is appropriate.

5. We will make every effort to ensure that the problem does not recur, and amend protocols and working systems accordingly.

We hope that we will be able to resolve your problem. If, despite our efforts, you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with adequately you have the right to take the matter further, by writing to the Station Commander. Further advice can be obtained from OC PMS.

Getting a second opinion:
If you are not happy with what your GP says, you can ask to see another doctor to get a second opinion. You don't have the right to a second opinion, but if you express your worries and your feelings to your GP, he or she will probably arrange for you to get one.

Test results:
If the doctor or nurse carries out a test, such as a blood test or a smear test, make sure you know how to find out the results. You may be asked to telephone. If you want to discuss your test results, ask whom you should see.

What goes on in the consulting room is just between you and your GP. Doctors cannot tell other people (even if they are close relatives of yours) what has been said without your express permission, even if you are under the age of 16.

You can ask who sees your records and discuss with your GP what you would like put in your records and whether there is anything which you want to be kept private between the two of you. We use computers as well as keeping records on paper, and are registered under the Data Protection Act. You have a right to see your personal computer records.

Confidentiality of Medical Records

Formal Staff Visits:
During Formal Staff Visits the visiting medical team carry out a quality control check on a proportion of Service and National Health Service medical records. Any confidential information about an individual will not be divulged by the visiting team, however, individuals have the right to deny the Formal Staff Visit team access to their own documents if they so wish. If you have concerns please contact either the Practice Manager or Deputy Practice Manager.

Action Required by Service Personnel:
Service personnel are to inform their dependants that if they are registered with the medical centre, visiting doctors and RAF Medical Personnel may inspect their medical records.

Action to Deny Access:
Any individual who does not wish their records to be inspected should inform the Senior Medical Officer in writing. It is advisable to contact the Practice Manager initially to discuss your concerns.

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