Tornado Maintenance School

Tornado Maintenance School (TMS)

The Tornado Maintenance School

The Mission of the Tornado Maintenance School
‘Provide trained ready and able Engineers and Managers to maintain the Tornado Aircraft for sustained current and future Operations, by upholding the highest professional standards’

The Tornado Maintenance School
The Tornado Maintenance School (TMS) is established to provide Pre-Employment Training for engineering personnel of all ranks and trades employed on the Tornado GR4 / 4A and FMk3 aircraft within both the forward or depth environments. In addition, the TMS carries out training for external agencies as well as managing familiarisation courses.

Presently, there are 40 different courses on offer ranging from 1 - 14 weeks in duration, with training being accomplished by a mixture of classroom theory and practical work.  Much of the theoretical instruction is supplemented by Computer Aided Instruction techniques, which provide strong visual images to complement the lesson content. 

Training Aids
During the practical phases, the students have access to a wide variety of training aids including:

a. The Ground Instructional Aircraft (GIA), which is a hybrid Tornado F2/F3 with fully functional electrical power and hydraulics systems available for practical demonstrations.

b. The Front Fuselage Trainer (FFT), which is used primarily by the Weapons technicians for practising ejection seat removal, servicing and refitting. This is the front end of a GR1 aircraft and complements the F3 GIA.

c.  The GR4 Avionics Ground Training Rig (AGTR), which uses the genuine aircraft Line Replacement Units (LRUs).  It also incorporates various stand-alone benches for individual avionic equipments, reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems which provide the facilities for dedicated system training.

d. The Tornado F3 Avionics System Trainer is an Emulator that is PC based and provide detailed simulated training for the F3 aircraft.

e.  The Propulsion Systems Training Rig (PSTR), which provides a simulation of the various marks of Tornado RB199 engines and secondary power systems.  Again, this utilises genuine aircraft LRUs and allows the instructors to simulate a full engine ground running capability with fault injection for the practising of emergency procedures.

f. The Secondary Flying Control Systems Rig, which provides instruction on Flaps, Slats and Wing sweep operation with visibility of the aircrafts LRUs during operation. This training can be combined with the Test Fuchs Hydraulic Component Test Bench, which provides the School with the capability to demonstrate the maintenance of aircraft hydraulic systems to component level.

g. The Missile Management Suite (MMS) is a computer-based system, which provides training exercises involving the Tornado F3 Missile Management system, simulating the function of the control units and the firing systems.

The TMS Team
The greatest asset within the School is the team of instructors who are all serving Non-Commission Officers and bring an immense array of experience and know how to their teaching roles.  To maximise the training effort and enable the instructors they rely on the support of various teams:  The Administrative and Course Support team book all the courses and look after all the necessary course and administrative functions; a Computer Based Training office who manages the specialist computer based training aids; and a Rig Support Team who maintain all the rigs and set up each rig each daily to meet the specific training requirements.

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